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One step closer to playing TMB! Now, let's tackle the Battle Mat. This is where all the action happens when you start taking on those Baddies!

1. Initiative Meter (Ini Meter)

In battle, a single turn from each Baddie and Gearloc makes up 1 full round. The Ini Meter tracks the current round and whose turn it is. It also gives you a visual forecast of who will be attacking next and in what order. Initiative is built downward on the meter from highest (going first) to lowest (going last).

The Round Counter Die goes on the top of the Ini Meter, starting with R1. Increase this die to R2, R3, etc. at the start of each new battle round.

After R5, the (Fatigue) rounds occur until the battle is completed. At the start of each round, all units on the Battle Mat lose 1 HP (this is not counted as any specific type of Dmg and cannot be blocked or defended against in any way).

Initiative Dice Placement (setting up for R1 of battle)

Baddies have their Initiative () indicated on their Baddie Chip. A Baddie Initiative Die is used to represent this [#] on the Ini Meter (e.g. If a Baddie with 3 Initiative is in Lane 1, use the blue Lane 1 Initiative Die, and set it to 3 on the Ini Meter).

Place the Initiative Die of each Baddie in the Ini Meter (highest on top in descending order). Any tie between Baddie Initiative is then decided by their Lane priority (a Lane 1 Baddie would go above/before a Lane 2 Baddie).

ach player rolls their unique Gearloc Ini Die to determine their spot on the Ini Meter. For any Initiative tie that involves a Gearloc, the party chooses who goes first.

Initiative Dice During Battle (R2 and beyond)

  • After initial Initiative placement is set for Gearlocs and Baddies, the [#] on these dice no longer matters. During battle, certain Skills can modify the Ini Meter, but always in relation to other units current Ini Meter "spots" (e.g. Tantrum can drop a Baddie 3 spots on the Ini Meter).

  • Units that enter the battle after R1 will always enter at the top or bottom spot of the Ini Meter. All Gearlocs, Tyrants, and 20Pt Baddies enter the Battle Mat at the top spot of the Ini Meter (again, Ini [#] is disregarded). All 1Pt & 5Pt Baddies enter the Battle Mat at the bottom spot of the Ini Meter. Follow R1 rules for any ties.

  • Units with their Initiative spots modified during the round will take their new spots only after the round is complete (feel free to shift their Initiative Dice to the side as a reminder).

2. Baddie Starting Positions

Use the colored positions for Baddies. Melee Baddies start on positions; Ranged Baddies start on positions; The first Baddie to enter the Battle Mat goes in Lane 1 ().

The 2nd Baddie, Lane 2, etc. As Baddies move, they may change Lanes; therefore, place a Lane Marker Chip (matching its starting Lane color) under each Baddie when it enters battle.

3. Gearloc Starting Positions

Use the grey positions for Gearlocs. Melee Gearlocs start on positions; Ranged Gearlocs start on positions; Melee-Ranged Gearlocs start on either. Gearlocs may start on any Lane and may even double up on a single Lane.

4. Movement

When moving, Gearlocs and Baddies can only move to adjacent positions (not diagonal) and never "thru" other units.

Baddies with () can move diagonally.

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