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Rating: 8.9 Excellent
Players: 1-4 players
Playing time: 60-120 minutes

Official Site: Too Many Bones at Chip Theory Games Website

Created by: Adam Carlson, Josh J. Carlson, Josh J. Carlson, Anthony LeTourneau

Published by: Chip Theory Games


In Too Many Bones, you are playing as an unusual race of adventurers headed into a land overrun by all sorts of hostile creatures. Your race has lived hidden in the Deepwood for centuries and only recently, your kin have been forced to emerge to the south and take shelter within the walls of Obendar.

Due to your reclusive lifestyle, many in town are encountering your race for the very first time. Some locals believe you to be an elf, due to your distinct facial features; others, would say a goblin, from your size and build.

Others still, would insist your high technological aptitude proves you a gnome! Only those most intimate with the Deepwood, know your true kind and kin as: Gearlocs. Big-eared, thin-bodied creatures with a conflicting love of nature and machine, and overall, an insatiable thirst for adventure!

The elder Gearlocs, know all too well that this growing danger to the north is the work of The Ebon, a melting pot of lawless creatures ruled by tyrants, each with a firm grasp on all the northern regions of Daelore.

Because each of these regions has little to no communication with the next, it is the elders belief that a smaller party will be most effective at infiltrating and eliminating the threat. They have selected your party of adventurers and have tasked them with venturing northward to silence the Ebon one tyrant at a time.

This was never to be your task alone! Others were sequestered! But the Obendar militia is thin in ranks, and any sellswords worth hiring have already been swayed by the promise of plundering rights if they aid the enemy. But no matter! For you are Gearlocs!

And being the resourceful and fearless race that you are, your party has happily accepted this challenge! You will be among the first to travel north in many decades and your adventure begins today!

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Too Many Bones: 40 Days in Daelore
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Golden Geek Best Solo Board Game Nominee 2017
Golden Geek Best Cooperative Game Nominee 2017

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  • 139 Dice
  • 4 Dice Storage Trays
  • 4 Neoprene Die cut Gearloc Character Mats
  • 1 Neoprene Die cut Battle Mat
  • 5 PVC Plastic Reference Sheets
  • 60 PVC Plastic Encounter Cards
  • 40 PVC Plastic Loot Cards
  • 20 PVC Plastic Trove Loot Cards
  • 65 - 4g Health Chips
  • 55 - 11.5g Baddie Chips
  • 7 - 11.5g Tyrant Chips
  • 4 - 11.5g Gearloc Chips
  • 4 - 11.5g Lane Marker Chips
  • 1 - 11.5g Day Counter Chip
  • 1 Map Marker
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Your task is easy...according to the Gearloc Council. Simply reach and defeat the selected Tyrant within its day allotment to win. …

Before you draw your first Encounter, let's go over some of the different components within TMB, starting with the Gearloc Mat.

1. Stat Area

Each Gearloc has 4 Stats: Health, Dexterity, Attack, and Defense.

Each Stat consists of a Starting Stat (printed number on the mat) which can be increased by placing a Stat Die in the corresponding Stat Dice slot during the game.

The Starting Stat plus the value of the Stat Die equals the current (Max) Stat of your Gearloc.

You can upgrade these stats using Training Points () from completing Encounters. …

One step closer to playing TMB! Now, let's tackle the Battle Mat. This is where all the action happens when you start taking on those Baddies!

1. Initiative Meter (Ini Meter)

In battle, a single turn from each Baddie and Gearloc makes up 1 full round. The Ini Meter tracks the current round and whose turn it is. It also gives you a visual forecast of who will be attacking next and in what order. Initiative is built downward on the meter from highest (going first) to lowest (going last). …

Battle Set-up

Most of the Encounters in TMB will result in a battle () of some sort. Sometimes the Baddies you face are specifically defined on your Encounter Card, but more often, the Encounter will include "BQ: Baddie Pts" as part of the battle set-up (use this by default if a battle choice does not mention a BQ). Let's start there.

Battle Queue (BQ)

Every battle must start with the creation of a Battle Queue that contains the Baddies you will be facing for the fight. To build this queue, you must refer to your Encounter Card and then assemble a stack of Baddie chips using your Baddie Active Stacks. …

Well hello again! Do you have the play area set up and ready to go? Normally, before you choose a Gearloc, you would want to read over their Gearloc Reference Sheet to better understand how that Gearloc plays - we are all so different!

For now, you'll just have to trust me that I'm the best choice. Ha! But enough about me, let's get started!

You may want to select someone in your party to serve as a "Party Leader" to help make those tough decisions that the group cannot decide on. In this example, I shall nominate myself as the most apt leader! …

This game has a lot of details! Here are a few answers to common questions that have come up.

Attack and Defense Dice Pool: What is a dice pool? What if all Defense Dice are in use?

Your party shares the same general Attack and Defense Dice (white) that are used by the Baddies. Once in great while, the Defense Dice pool may run out (from dice on Baddies, Gearlocs, or in Backup Plans). If a party member runs out of Defense Dice to roll, others should exchange Defense Dice in their Backup Plans for Attack Dice to accommodate. …

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