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If you want the game to feel a little more like the first edition, we recommend that you play with at least the first two variants here.

Costly Placement

If you would like the citizen placement to feel tighter, use this rules:

  • If a player places a citizen on an action space that already has a citizen with a higher skill number, the player must pay coins equal to the difference in skill (instead of the normal one coin).

  • If the player cannot pay coins, then they cannot place their citizen there.

Limited Building

Use this variant if you would like to tighten up the board a little more.

Players may not use the new "Build Stored" action. Instead, when a player sends a citizen to the "Build" action on the board, they may perform the action as normal, and ALSO build any (or all) of the stored empire cards they own.

Demanding Titans

If you would like the Threatening Titans to feel more dangerous, play with this change: Every time you feed a titan, pay one more ambrosia than normal.

Threatening Titan Draft

When players must gain new Threatening Titans at the start of the round, draw 1 titan card per player that needs one and place them in a row, face up. Players now choose one card each in turn order.

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