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Ambrosia Abilities

At any time, players may spend ambrosia tokens they own to gain benefits, described below. There is no limit to the amount of ambrosia a player can spend to activate these abilities. When they spend it, they immediately return it to the supply.

  • Use a placed citizen again (costs 4 ambrosia): The player may place any one of their citizens that have already been placed on the board on a new action. They take this new action immediately. All normal action and placement rules apply.

    Note: This is not a free action. Players can only use this ambrosia ability during their turn and it counts as their normal action.

  • Repair an empire card (costs 2 ambrosia): The player may repair one of their damaged empire cards. This can be done at any time.

  • Feed a titan (cost varies): The player may pay ambrosia when confronting their threatening titan at the end of the round in order to avoid rolling the damage dice.

    The cost is one more ambrosia than is already on the card, or ambrosia equal to the number of banners if there is no ambrosia on the card. The player may not pay part of the ambrosia cost to roll fewer dice. They must pay the complete amount.

  • Add 1 to citizen skill (costs 1 ambrosia): The player may pay ambrosia to temporarily increase a citizen's skill num- ber (when placing on the board). The skill increases only when placing the citizen and immediately returns to normal after the citizen has been placed and the action taken.

  • Feed a citizen (costs 2 ambrosia): The player may pay 2 ambrosia to gain 1 temporary food when checking for star- vation. After this check, the food is immediately lost.

  • Gain 1 sword (costs 3 ambrosia): The player gains 1 tem- porary sword when attacking a titan. This sword only lasts for one attack.

  • Gain 1 coin (costs 2 ambrosia): The player immediately gains 1 coin.

City-State Abilities

After playing a game or two, you may want to play with city-state abilities.

The opposite side of each player board has a city-state name and a special ability. During setup, each player turns their player board to this side and has a special ability they can use throughout the game.

  • Unearthers of Umnok: You start with 1 knowledge token and also gain 1 ambrosia whenever you gain a knowledge token.

  • Merchants of Merlume: You start with 4 extra coins. You can use the growth action on the second round, even though it is normally unavailable. Do not remove the action cover token, but you can slide it to the side if you need to reference the action details. When using the growth action, you place your citizen on top of the action cover token.

  • Architects of Amnite: Pay 1 fewer coin for buildings that cost over 4 coins. Also, districts cost only 1 coin (instead of 3).

  • Guardians of Galidor: Start the game with one arrow and an army limit of 3.

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