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During setup, you shuffle the 7 project cards into the main project card deck, and the 5 corporations into the corporation deck. This icon at the lower left of the cards indicates that they belong to the Prelude expansion. The remaining 35 Prelude cards are shuffled into a deck of their own, and these are the only ones we refer to when we say Prelude cards.

Variants: Deal each player 1 corporation from Prelude, and 1 from the other corporations. If you want to play a game without the Prelude cards, you may still keep the 7 project cards and the 5 corporations in the game.

Prelude Cards

When you deal cards in the setup (see main game), you also deal 4 Prelude cards to each player. The players choose 2 Prelude cards to keep at the same time as choosing corporations and project cards (step 6). The Prelude cards do not cost anything to keep.

After all corporations have been played and cards paid for (step 7), there is an extra round (step 7b) where each player plays their pair of picked Prelude cards in player order, and discards their remaining 2 Prelude cards. They work like green cards, and stay in play with their tags visible.

After this, the first player begins the action phase (step 8). Note that the whole setup counts as part of generation 1.

Wild Tag

After being played, when you perform an action, the wild tag is a tag of your choice. This means it does not trigger when being put into play. Nor does it count for awards, but you can use it in an action to, for example, claim a milestone.

Playing Solo With Prelude

When using the Prelude cards in a solo game, you only have 12 generations to complete terraforming.

Mark this with a gold cube at generation 12.

TR Solo (new Solo Variant)

This new solo variant may be used with any expansion. Your goal is no longer to complete the global parameters, but to reach a Terraform Rating of 63 in 14 generations (or 12 generations if playing with the Prelude cards).

Mark 63 with a gold cube on the TR track. In TR solo, a new standard project is introduced, BUFFER GAS, which costs 16 M€ and gives 1 TR. All other rules apply as for a normal solo game.

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