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Against the challenges of dust storms and a harsh climate, the human civilization on Mars is slowly growing. At the center of this is the Terraforming Committee, where corporations and lobby groups struggle to make their voices heard.

It is a time of turmoil, where the corporations need to navigate natural disasters, social movements, and high-level politics.


  • 16 project cards
  • 5 corporation cards
  • 2 reference cards
  • 31 Global Event cards
  • 6 Policy tiles
  • 35 delegates (7 in each color)
  • 14 neutral delegates
  • Terraformer milestone tile
  • Terraforming Committee board
  • Global Event board
  • Rulebook

This expansion to Terraforming Mars introduces global events (visible 3 generations in advance) that affect all players. The players also place delegates in the Terraforming Committee to gain influence and decide which party will rule during the next generation.

There are 6 different parties, each with a different one-time bonus and a policy (special effect or action), that are applied when they become ruling. To afford giving these bonuses to the players, the Terraforming Committee is also revising Terraform Ratings, causing players to lose 1 TR each generation!


  1. Boards: Place the Terraforming Committee board and Global Event board next to the main game board. If playing on the base game board (Tharsis), replace the Terraformer milestone with the new badge, requiring only TR 26.

  2. Delegates: Each player takes his seven delegate markers and places one in the Lobby of the Terraforming Committee board and the other six in the Delegate Reserve. Place a gray neutral delegate in the Chairman seat, and the rest of the gray neutral delegates in the Neutral Reserve. All delegate markers remain on the Terraforming Committee board for the rest of the game.

  3. Global Events:

    1. Shuffle the Global Event cards and place the deck on the reserved space on the Global Event board.

    2. Draw a card from the Global Event deck and place it face up on the space marked "Coming Global Event". Place a neutral delegate as Party Leader in the party indicated at the top left of the card. This party is now Dominan - place the Dominance marker in the area for delegates of that party.

    3. Turn over the top card of the Global Event deck face up (this is now a Distant Global Event) and place a neutral delegate as Party Leader to the party indicated at the top left of that card. If it is in the same party as the other neutral delegate, place it in the area for delegates instead.

  4. Place all six Policy tiles in a pile at their designated place on the Terraforming Committee board, with GREENS on top. They start being ruling party (read more on page 4), and their policy will be active during the upcoming action phase.

  5. Shuffle the 16 new Turmoil project cards into the main project card deck.

Game Concepts

Lobbying (new action):

This is not a Standard Project, but may be taken any number of times in a generation. Move one of your delegates from the Delegate Reserve (costs 5 M€), or from the Lobby (for free!), into the Delegate Area of your desired party on the Terraforming Committee board.


This symbol means delegate, and is represented by a delegate marker in your player color . Having 1 or more delegates in the Dominant party gives you 1 influence. A delegate may also be Party Leader or Chairman, which gives you 1 influence each (all influence is still represented by this symbol on the cards).

Party Leader

The first delegate placed in a party automatically becomes Party Leader - moving the marker to the Party Leader seat in that party.

If a player (including the neutral "player") ever has more delegates in a party than the current Party Leader does, he replaces the Party Leader marker with one of his own from that party. (The old Party Leader becomes a normal delegate again for that party).

Note: Party Leader also counts as a delegate for that party. The Party Leader in the Dominant party counts as 1 influence and will become Chairman in the Turmoil phase.


When the Dominant party becomes ruling, the Party Leader becomes Chairman

(delegate marker moves to the Chairman Seat) and receives 1 TR. The Chairman has no other function.

Dominant Party

The party with most delegates is the Dominant party and is identified by having the Dominance marker in the delegate area of that party.

If another party ever has more delegates than the Dominant party, they become Dominant and receive the Dominance marker.

The Dominant party will become the Ruling Party for the next generation. When a party becomes ruling, its delegates are removed, and the Dominance marker is shifted to the new party with the most delegates (Turmoil 3c).

If more than 1 party is tied for this, move the Dominance marker to the first of these in clockwise order from the party that just became ruling.

Ruling Party

The active Policy tile shows which party is currently ruling. When a party becomes ruling, it also appoints a new Chairman and applies a Ruling Bonus (see below).

Becoming Ruling

In step 3 of the Turmoil part of the solar phase (New Government), the Dominant party becomes ruling, replacing the old ruling party. Place the party's policy tile on top of the pile (Turmoil 3a) - this Policy will be active during the coming action phase.

Then the Ruling Bonus of the new ruling party is applied to all players (Turmoil 3b). Next, the old Chairman and all delegates in the ruling party are returned to the reserves (Turmoil 3c). The Party Leader becomes the new Chairman - move it to the Chairman seat - and that player gains 1 TR (Turmoil 3d).

The emptying of the ruling party causes the Dominance Marker to shift (Turmoil 3e, see Dominant Party).

Lastly, the lobby is refilled (see step 3f).

The Lobby

Each player starts each generation with 1 delegate in the reserved area in the Lobby on the Terraforming Committee board. This delegate may be placed in a party as a free Lobbying action (see Lobbying).

At the end of each generation, each spent delegate in the Lobby is replaced by a new delegate from the Delegate Reserve (Turmoil 3f). If a player has no more delegates in the reserve, that player can not add a new delegate to the Lobby.

Neutral Delegate

The Global Event places neutral delegates in the Terraforming Committee. The gray neutral Delegate markers do not belong to any player, but they do count as a separate player. These neutral delegates can become Party Leader and Chairman.

Project Card Requirements

The requirements are explained in text on the respective cards.

If the requirement shows the icon of one of the parties of the Terraforming Committee, then that card is playable only if that party is currently ruling (check the active ruling policy tile to identify ruling party), OR if you have at least 2 delegates in that party.

Influence and MAX 5 limit

Any Global Event that counts something (resources, production, cards, tiles, tags, TR etc) can only count up to a maximum of 5. This is specified in the card text but not with icons.

This number (max 5) can then be modified up or down (even beyond 5) by your influence ().

A player may have 0-3 influence based on these criteria:

  1. Owning the Chairman gives 1 influence.
  2. Owning the leader of the Dominant party gives 1 influence.
  3. Owning 1 or more non-leader delegates in the Dominant party gives 1 influence.

Example 1: Generous Funding gives 2 M€ for every 5 TR above 15. Kim has a TR of 42, which means 5 sets of 5 TR above 15.

He also has the Chairman and 2 non-leader delegates (that is, at least 1 non-leader delegate) in the Dominant party, giving him a total of 2 influence. He then counts 5+2=7 times 2 M€ for a total of 14 M€.

Example 2: Riots causes players to lose 4 M€ per city. Stanley has 7 cities, and 3 non-leader delegates in the Dominant party, giving him 1 influence.

He first counts a maximum of 5 cities, and then reduces that 1 step to 4 because of his influence. He has to pay 4 times 4 M€ = 16 M€ to the bank. Ouch!

TR Revision

At the beginning of the Turmoil phase, after the production phase, ALL players lose 1 TR, simulating that the Terraforming Committee is actively revising your TR, and old merits become obsolete over time.

Remember, the Terraforming Committee hands out generous bonuses, and the budget has to be cut somewhere.

Distant Global Event

When a Global event card is first shown, place a neutral delegate in the party indicated top left on that card. Read the flavor text and the global event effect at the bottom of that card. This global event will occur in 3 generations from now.

Coming Global Event

When a card goes from being Coming Global Event to being Current Global Event, place a neutral delegate in the party indicated mid right on that card.

Current Global Event

In the Turmoil phase at the end of the generation, the Current Global Event effect is performed. Note that if the event allows the "first player" to do something (like placing an ocean tile), the first player does not receive any bonuses or TR for this placement.

Special Cases

If a global parameter is at its maximum, it may not be affected again for the rest of the game.

If Volcanic Eruptions trigger the ocean bonus at 0°C, then the first player decides where the ocean tile is placed, but does not receive bonuses from it.

If Snow cover lowers the temperature below the 0°C mark, nothing happens, but the ocean bonus may now be triggered a second time when the temperature is raised again!

Final Scoring

When the game ends, the Turmoil step is not performed. As a last step in scoring, ALL Party Leaders and the Chairman awards 1 VP to the respective player.

Solo With Turmoil

Use all normal solo rules for the main game and expansions.

The_solar Phase

The Solar phase takes place after the production phase each generation:

Step 1: Game End Check

Check the end game conditions: if temperature, oxygen, and oceans are all maxed out, the game ends and final scoring begins with normal conversion of plants. No further steps in the Solar Phase are executed.

Step 2: World Government Terraforming

(If playing with Venus Next)

The first player (player order hasn't yet shifted) chooses a non-maxed global parameter and increases that track one step, or places an ocean tile. No TR or other bonuses are given to the first player. Other cards may be triggered by this though, i.e. Arctic Algae or the Venus corporation Aphrodite.

Variant: Skip this step for a longer game.

Step 3: Colony Production

/(if Playing With Colonies)

Return all Trade Fleets from the Colony Tiles to the Trade Fleets Tile. Move the white marker one step up the Colony track on each Colony Tile.

Step 4: Turmoil

  1. TR Revision

    All players lose 1 TR.

  2. Global Event

    Perform the Current Global Event, taking influence into account.

  3. New Government
    1. The Dominant party now becomes ruling. Change policy tile.
    2. Resolve the Ruling Bonus (affects all players).
    3. Return the former Chairman and all non-leader delegates from Dominant party to reserve.
    4. Party Leader from Dominant party becomes new Chairman, earning 1 TR.
    5. Dominance marker goes to new Dominant party (or clockwise in case of tie).
    6. Fill the lobby from the reserve so that all players have 1 delegate there.
  4. Changing Times
    1. Place the Coming Global Event on top of the Current Global Event. Add the neutral delegate indicated at the mid-right on that card.
    2. Move the Distant Global Event into the Coming Global Event space.
    3. Turn the top card of the Global Event deck face up, add the top-left neutral delegate, and read the flavor text.

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