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Rating: 6.6 Good
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 90 minutes

Created by: Alex Rockwell, Hans Janssen, Ariel Seoane

Published by: Quined Games, Tasty Minstrel Games


Homesteaders is an auction and resource management game in which players bid on the opportunity to build certain types of buildings, then spend resource cubes to build one of several buildings of that type.

The buildings confer abilities, income, and points; some automatically and some requiring a worker.

The game lasts ten rounds, with each round consisting of an auction phase followed by a building phase. After the last round, players take one final income phase and have one last chance to buy and sell goods and use their building abilities before scores are tallied.

Players score for their buildings, bonuses conferred by buildings, and points earned throughout the game from selling resource cubes.

The player who builds the best combination of buildings and best manages the nine different resources in the game will score the most points and win - as long as they don't take on too much debt!

Retail Price:$49
Golden Geek Best Strategy Board Game Nominee 2010

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The Homestead Act of1862 allowed Americans to claim undeveloped land by living on and farming it for Jive years. Also in the 1860s, the Transcontinental Railroad was built across North America, linking rail networks between the East and West coasts.

The development of the railroads accelerated the spread of homesteaders colonizing the West and led to the rapid cultivation of new land.

In Homesteaders, players are settlers in the Old West, claiming land to develop into a town. The player who contributes the most to building that town into a city will have the city named after him and be declared the winner. …

Trade and Tile Marketplace

Trade chits are acquired from some buildings, mostly commercial buildings, and represent the ability to make business transactions. A player may use Trade chits and the Marketplace at ANY time. The Marketplace can be used to do any of the following:

  • Recruit a worker: The Cost to recruit a new Worker is 1 Trade chit and 1 Food.

  • Buy Resource: A player may spend a Trade chit to buy a resource of their choice at the going rates.

  • Sell Resource: A player may spend a Trade chit to sell a resource of their choice for the going rates. Players receive 1 Point for selling via the Marketplace. …

Boarding House:

When this building is acquired, the owner discards 1 Debt chit. If they have no Debt chits, they should take one (gaining 2 Silver) so they can discard it.


You may use Gold as if it were Copper or Livestock when paying for buildings, or for the abilities on phase 9 and 10 Auction tiles that allow you to pay a Livestock or Copper for 4 Victory Points.

You may not sell Gold (using the sale action) as if it were Copper/Livestock. You may use this ability any number of times. …

Q: I'm broke! What should I do?

A: Take debt, and purchase buildings that generate income.

Q: If a building produces some income, plus more from a Worker slot, do I get the normal income if I don't put a worker on the worker slot?

A: Yes. For example, you still get the 2 Silver from your Homestead, even if you don't use either of its Worker slots.

Q: When can I use Trade chits?

A: Any time at all. This includes Final scoring, and while you are trying to pay for an Auction or building, or if you want to hire a Worker during Worker Allocation and use him that turn. …

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