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Trade and Tile Marketplace

Trade chits are acquired from some buildings, mostly commercial buildings, and represent the ability to make business transactions. A player may use Trade chits and the Marketplace at ANY time. The Marketplace can be used to do any of the following:

  • Recruit a worker: The Cost to recruit a new Worker is 1 Trade chit and 1 Food.

  • Buy Resource: A player may spend a Trade chit to buy a resource of their choice at the going rates.

  • Sell Resource: A player may spend a Trade chit to sell a resource of their choice for the going rates. Players receive 1 Point for selling via the Marketplace.

Going rates of the goods are as follows:

Some buildings give players additional options for using Trade chits.

Spending Gold

A Gold may be used as if it were 5 Silver for any purpose, but no change is given.


  • Pay 7 workers with 1 Gold and 2 Silver, or with 2 Gold.
  • Pay for an auction cost of 9, using a Gold and 4 Silver, or 2 Gold.
  • Pay off one debt chip with a Gold.


A player may take any amount of Debt at any time. For each Debt chit a player takes, they receive 2 Silver.

Debt may be paid off during Scoring for 5 Silver each. Players may use the Marketplace or spend Gold at this time. Each unpaid Debt chit carries a penalty during Final Scoring.

Railroad Development Track

Players advance on the Railroad Development Track during the game. Each time a player advances they receive the bonus depicted on that space or any previous space on the track..

The Railroad Development Track has 5 spaces with the following bonuses:

  1. Trade chit
  2. Rail Line
  3. Worker
  4. Any Resource (Wood/Food/Steel/Gold/Livestock/Copper)
  5. 3 Victory Points

If a player is already at space 5 on the track, then further advances give them another bonus of their choice.

Example: A player advancing to the third space of the Railroad Development Track may take a Trade chit, a Rail Line, or a Worker.

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