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Q: I'm broke! What should I do?

A: Take debt, and purchase buildings that generate income.

Q: If a building produces some income, plus more from a Worker slot, do I get the normal income if I don't put a worker on the worker slot?

A: Yes. For example, you still get the 2 Silver from your Homestead, even if you don't use either of its Worker slots.

Q: When can I use Trade chits?

A: Any time at all. This includes Final scoring, and while you are trying to pay for an Auction or building, or if you want to hire a Worker during Worker Allocation and use him that turn.

Q: How many Trade chits can I use per turn?

A: Any number. You can use the Marketplace as often as you like, whenever you like.

Q: When can I move my Workers around to new buildings?

A: You can move all your Workers wherever you want to during Worker Allocation.

Q: Do I have to pay all my Workers?

A: Yes, all Workers must be paid each turn, even if they are idle, and even if you have to take debt to pay them.

Q: If I win an auction, can I save the land for later?

A: No, you must develop a building on it immediately if at all.

Q: I need more Workers, how do I get them?

A: Some Auction tiles provide Workers, advances on the Railroad Development Track can give you Workers once you reach space 3, and you can recruit Workers at any time using a Trade chit and a Food. (Remember, you can use another Trade chit to buy the food if you need).

Q: Does the Start Player marker rotate clockwise?

A: No, whoever wins the Auction on space #1 becomes the new Start Player. If no player bids on this auction, then the winner of Auction #2 gets it (if none there, #3). If no player bids on any auction then the Start Player marker does not move (this should not occur).

Q: What happens if I get to the end of the Railroad Development Track?

A: Each advance on the Railroad Development Track after the 5th is treated the same as the 5th advance. You may choose whichever reward you wish.

Q: If I win an auction that advances me on the Railroad Development Track, can I use the bonus I get from that to help pay for the auction?

A: No, you must pay for the auction before getting what it gives you.

Q: Can I use the Trade chit I get from building a Ranch to help pay for the Ranch building, or for the Auction card that gave me the land?

A: No, you have to pay for the building before getting any bonuses, or using any abilities that it gives you, and you cannot pay for the building until after you've paid for the auction.

Q: My Auction tile allows me to pay a resource to get a bonus (Victory Points/Rail Line). Can I use a bonus or ability I get from the building I build to help pay for this?

A: YES. You pay the resource for these bonuses on action cards after building the building.

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