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Boarding House:

When this building is acquired, the owner discards 1 Debt chit. If they have no Debt chits, they should take one (gaining 2 Silver) so they can discard it.


You may use Gold as if it were Copper or Livestock when paying for buildings, or for the abilities on phase 9 and 10 Auction tiles that allow you to pay a Livestock or Copper for 4 Victory Points.

You may not sell Gold (using the sale action) as if it were Copper/Livestock. You may use this ability any number of times.


Each time you build a building after the Forge, you gain 1 Victory Point. (You don't score 1 Victory Point for the forge).

If you build 2 buildings during one turn (using a Train Station), you score 1 Victory Point for each.

Train Statina

When you build the Train Station, you may immediately build one additional building of any type.


You may exchange a Trade chit and a Wood for a Food, or a Trade chit and a Food for a Steel.

You may use these abilities any number of times, at any time.

General Store:

Each time you sell a resource you receive 1 additional Silver. For example, if you sell a Wood, you gain 2 Silver and 1 Victory Point instead of 1 Silver and 1 Victory Point. If you sell a Copper, you get 1 Gold, 1 Silver, and 1 Victory Point, instead of 1 Gold and 1 Victory Point.

This ability applies each time you make a sale, even if you sell multiple resources in one turn. This does not give a discount to purchased resources.


You may exchange 1 Trade chit for 1 Silver at any time. You may not exchange a Silver for a Trade chit. The Bank income is "Discard 1 Debt chit".


This building provides an income of 1 Silver per Worker that you own, up to a maximum of 5 Silver.

For example, if you have 3 Workers, it provides 3 Silver, if you have 7 Workers, it provides 5 Silver. The income is based on how many Workers you currently have, not how many you had when the Rodeo was built.


You may outbid someone with the same bid that they made, instead of a higher one.

For example, if an opponent had bid on the '5' space on a certain auction, you could replace their bid token with your own, instead of having to make a bid of '6' or higher.

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