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In a galaxy far, far away, thara was a disturbance in the force. It is up to you to help a friend, or defeat the dark side.

Use the force to find out who is causing the disturbance. Keep the questions coming to uncover the mystery identity of your friend or enemy.


  • 2 Gameboard trays
  • 24 Mystery Star Wars character cards
  • 48 Star Wars facecards and frames
  • 2 Score keepers

Object of the Game

Guess your opponent's Star Wars mystery character before your opponent guesses yours.


Set Up your Gameboard

Each player chooses a gameboard. Place your gameboard on a flat surface. Flip all of your frames upright by tipping your gameboard away from you; then set your gameboard flat again. Your opponent does the same.

Draw your Mystery Card

Shuffle your Mystery cards. Choose two cards at random, choose which one you want to play, and fit it into your Mystery card slot so that your Mystery character faces you.

Return the card you didn't choose facedown to the deck. Your opponent does the same.

Then place all unused Mystery cards out of play. Sit facing your opponent, so that he or she can't see the Mystery character on your card!

Game Play

The youngest player goes first. On your turn, you may either ask a question or guess who your opponent's character is.

But don't use your turn to guess the mystery character until you're ready! If your guess is wrong, you lose the game!

The Star Wars Characters On Your Gameboard

Notice the differences among the 24 characters on your gameboard.

There are different kinds of Star Wars characters: some are Jedi, some have turned to the dark side, some are human, some are from alien planets, and others are droids.

Asking Questions

  1. Until you're ready to guess who the mystery character is, ask your opponent one question per turn.

    Each question must have either a "yes" or "no" answer. For example, you may ask: "Is your mystery character human?" Your opponent must then answer either "yes" or "no".

  2. After your opponent answers, you may be able to eliminate one or more of the mystery characters on the gameboard.

    For example, if your opponent answers "Yes the mystery character is human", flip down all of the mystery characters that are alien, or droids. This leaves only the human characters.

  3. After you ask a question (and flip down any mystery characters you can), your turn is over.

NameGenderSpeciesSpecial RolesLight/dark SideAffiliation/Group
Aayla SecuraFemaleTwi'lekJediLight SideRepublic
Ahsoka TanoFemaleTogrutaJediLight SideRepublic
Anakin SkywalkerMaleHumanJediLight SideRepublic
Asajj VentressFemaleRattatakiSithDark SideSeparatist
Boba FettMaleHumanBounty HunterDark SideUnknown
C-3 PoMaleDroidDroidLight SideRepublic or Rebel Alliance
Captain RexMaleHumanClone TrooperLight SideRepublic
ChewbaccaMaleWookieeRebel PilotLight SideRepublic or Rebel Alliance
Count DookuMaleHumanSithDark SideSeparatist
Darth MaulMaleZabrakSithDark SideSeparatist
Darth VaderMaleHumanSithDark SideEmpire
Emperor PalpatineMaleHumanSithDark SideEmpire
General GrievousMaleKaleesh/DroidSeparatist LeaderDark SideSeparatist
Han SoloMaleHumanRebel PilotLight SideRebel Alliance
Jabba the HuttMaleHuttCriminalDark SideUnknown
Kit FistoMaleNautolanJediLight SideRepublic
Luke SkywalkerMaleHumanJediLight SideRebel Alliance
Mace WinduMaleHumanJediLight SideRepublic
Obi-Wan KenobiMaleHumanJediLight SideRepublic
Padme AmidalaFemaleHumanRepublic LeaderLight SideRepublic
Princess LeiaFemaleHumanRebel LeaderLight SideRebel Alliance
R2- D2MaleDroidDroidLight SideRepublic or Rebel Alliance
Wicket W. WarrickMaleEwokWarriorLight SideRebel Alliance
YodaMaleUnknownJediLight SideRepublic

Guessing the Star Wars Mystery Character

When you're ready to guess who the mystery character is, make your guess on your turn instead of asking a question.

To guess the mystery character, say (for example), "The mystery character is Luke Skywalker". Your opponent must then tell you whether or not your guess is correct. If your guess is right, you win the game! If it's wrong, you lose!

End of the Game

Players alternate turns asking questions, until one player makes a guess. If you guess correctly - or your opponent guesses incorrectly - you win the game!

Challenge Game

For an extra challenge, both players draw two Mystery cards, and place them side-by- side in their Mystery card slots. Your object is to guess who both of your opponent's Mystery Characters are!

You must say "both" or "either" when asking questions about the Mystery Characters.

For example, you may ask, "Do both of your Star Wars characters have hair all over their bodies?" or, "Do either of your Star Wars characters have a cloak on?" Be careful when eliminating gameboard characters - and remember which questions you've asked!

For example, you ask, "Are either of your mystery characters droids?" Your opponent answers "yes". You cannot flip down any characters because although one mystery character definitely is a droid, the other one may not be!

To guess the mystery characters correctly, you must guess both of them on the same turn.

Championship Play

If you wish to play a series of games, slide the score keeper up one point for every game you win. The first player to win five games is the Champion!

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