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Ahoy Mateys! Grab your nautical GUESS WHO? game and sail on a guessing adventure with SPONGEBOB and his crew!

Ask YES or NO questions to test the waters, then plunge in and make your guess. Guess the Mystery SPONGEBOB Character before your opponent, and you win!


  • 2 game trays
  • 2 character sheets
  • 4 character selectors
  • 2 scoring sliders
  • Instructions


  1. Carefully remove the game pieces from the plastic frame. If needed use

    an emery board or sandpaper to remove the excess plastic from the game pieces. Discard the frame after removing all of the game pieces.

  2. Flip the game trays over so the fronts are showing, and snap the scoring sliders into place.

  3. Snap the character selectors onto the top and bottom tracks of the large windows. Each game tray will have two character selectors.

  4. Flip the game trays over so the backs are showing. Press a character sheet facedown into the back of each game tray.


Choose a Mystery Character from one of the top two rows and slide the character selector over that character. The other character selector should be on a white dot.

Open all of the doors on your game tray so you can see the characters. Hold your game tray steady so the doors don't accidentally shut.

Object of the Game

Guess your opponent's Mystery Character before they guess yours!

Game Play

The younger player goes first. Players alternate turns by asking a YES or NO question.

Depending on the answer, you will close the door(s) to any character(s) you know are NOT your opponent's Mystery Character.

For example: You ask, "Does your Mystery Character have fins?" Your opponent answers, "No". Close all the doors to characters who have fins.

You are now closer to figuring out the Mystery Character. Now it's your opponent's turn to ask a yes or no question.

End of the Game

Once you think that you know your opponent's Mystery Character, wait until your next turn and make your guess instead of asking a question. If you guess correctly, you win! If you guess wrong, your opponent wins.

Championship Play

For tournament style play, slide the scoring slider up one for every game you win. The first player to win five games is the champion!

Challenge Game

For an extra challenge, both players choose two characters - one from the first row and one from the second row. Your object is to guess both of your opponent's Mystery Characters.

You'll have to say "both" or "either" when asking questions about the two Mystery Characters.

For example, you could ask, "Do both of your characters wear pants?" or "Is either character mostly red?" Be very careful when eliminating characters!

For example: You ask, "Do either of your characters have claws?" and your opponent answers, "Yes". You cannot close any doors, because even though one Mystery Character definitely has claws, the other one may not!

To win the Challenge Game, you must guess both of the Mystery Characters correctly on the same turn.

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