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  • 2 Gameboard trays
  • 24 Mystery cards
  • 48 Face cards and Face frames
  • 2 Score keepers

Object of the Game

Guess your opponent's mystery Marvel character before your opponent guesses yours.


Set Up your Gameboard

Each player should choose a gameboard and place it on a flat surface. Flip all of the frames upright by tipping your gameboard away from you; then set it flat again.

Draw your Mystery Card

Shuffle the Mystery cards. Choose two cards at random, then pick one you want to play. Fit your Mystery card into the slot so your Mystery Person faces you (See Figure 4). Return the card you didn't choose to the bottom of the deck.

Your opponent does the same. Then place all unused Mystery cards out of play. Sit facing your opponent so he or she can't see the Mystery Person on your card!

Game Play

  1. The younger player goes first.

  2. On your turn you may either ask a question or guess who the Mystery Person is. (HINT: Don't use your turn to guess the Mystery Person unless you're sure you are correct, or you will automatically lose the game).

Asking Questions

Notice the differences among the 24 faces on your gameboard. Skin and hair colors are different; some faces have masks or glasses; some are males and others are female. On each turn, ask your opponent one question until you're ready to guess who the Mystery Person is. Each question must have either a "yes" or a "no" answer.

For example: You could ask: "Does your Mystery Person wear a mask?" Your opponent must then answer either "yes" or "no".

After your opponent answers, you may be able to eliminate one or more gameboard faces. For example, if your opponent answers, "Yes, the Mystery Person has a mask", flip down all of the faces that are not wearing masks, since they can't be the correct Mystery Person.

After you ask a question and flip down as many faces as you can, your turn is over.

Guessing The Mystery Person

When you think you know who the Mystery Person is, INSTEAD of taking your normal turn, make your guess.

For example, if you think the Mystery Person is Spider-Man, tell your opponent, "I think the Mystery Person is Spider-Man".

Your opponent must then tell you whether or not your guess was correct.

End of the Game

Once you guess who the Mystery Person is, you'll either win or lose. If you guessed correctly, you win! If you guessed the wrong character, you lose!

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