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  • 40 Face cards
  • 20 Mystery cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Ask questions to guess your opponent's Mystery Character before they guess yours!


  1. Each player gets one set of Face cards (blue or red).

  2. Place your Face cards face up in a 4 x 5 layout.

  3. Shuffle the yellow Mystery cards. You each take a card featuring a Mystery Character from the top of the deck, look at it without letting your opponent see, and place it face down next to your Face card layout.

    Keep this card secret during the game.

  4. Place the rest of the Mystery cards to the side. They won't be needed again until a new game starts.

Game Play

The player who seems more mysterious goes first.

Take turns asking questions.

On your turn:

  1. Ask a yes-or-no question about the Mystery Character on your opponent's Mystery card.

    For example, you could ask, "Does your Mystery Character have a hat?" Your opponent must answer either "yes" or "no".

    • If the answer is "yes", you know you can get rid of all the people without hats. Turn over their cards.
    • If the answer is "no", you can get rid of all the people with hats. Turn over their cards.
  2. Take turns asking questions until someone thinks they can guess who is on their opponent's Mystery card.

How to be a Good Guesser!

Look carefully at the GUESS WHO? cast of characters. What makes them similar or different?

Do you see things like hair and eye color, big or small noses and mouths, facial hair, and accessories? Pay attention to these details to help you ask the best yes-or-no questions!

Guessing the Mystery Card

When you think you know who your opponent's Mystery Character is, make your guess on your next turn instead of asking a yes-or-no question.

Don't make a guess until you're ready-if your guess is wrong, you'll lose the game!

End of the Game

If you correctly guess your opponent's Mystery Character, you win! If you guess incorrectly, your opponent wins!

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