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  • 2 Game Trays
  • 40 Face Cards
  • 1 Deck of Mystery Cards

The Gameboard Faces

Notice the differences among the 24 faces on your gameboard.

Hair and eye colors are different; some faces have rosy cheeks, beards, mustaches, or big noses; some are wearing hats or glasses. As you play, you'll notice several other differences among the gameboard faces.

Object of the Game

Guess who is on your opponent's Mystery Card before your opponent guesses who is on yours.


  1. Insert the red Face Cards into the red tray (see Figure 2). The blue cards have already been inserted. Make sure you can see each of the faces and names.

  2. Each player chooses a tray and sits opposite each other.

  3. Shuffle the deck of Mystery Cards. Then secretly draw a card and place it (facing you) into the slot in the front of your tray. Make sure your opponent cannot see which card you drew (see Figure 3). Your opponent now does the same.

  4. Place the remaining Mystery Cards facedown off to the side, out of play.

Before you play for the first time, look at some of the differences between the faces in your tray: noses, hats, glasses, hair, beards, moustaches and many other details are different on each face.

Game Play

Alternate turns asking one question. The youngest player goes first.

On your turn, ask a question that can be answered with a "yes" or "no".

For example: "Does your Mystery Person have blue eyes?"

  • If the answer is "yes", then you know that all the people with brown eyes can be eliminated from your tray.
  • If the answer is "no", then all of the people with blue eyes can be eliminated.

To eliminate a face, just push the Face Card all the way down so you can only see the name at the top.

Keep taking turns asking questions until someone thinks they can guess who is on the opponent's Mystery Card.

Guessing the Mystery Card

When you are ready to guess who is on the Mystery Card, make your guess on your turn instead of asking a question. You cannot ask a question and guess on the same turn.

  • If you guess wrong, you lose the game!
  • If you guess right, you win the game!

End of the Game

If you guess who is on your opponent's Mystery Card before he/she guesses who is on yours, you win!

Playing Again

  • Return the Mystery Cards to the deck and reshuffle. Each player draws a new card.
  • Push down any remaining Face Cards.
  • Turn your tray over.

Challenge Game

For an extra challenge, both play­ers draw two Mystery cards, and place them side-by-side in their Mystery card slots. Your object is to guess who both of your opponent's Mystery People are!

You must say "both" or "either" when asking questions about the Mystery People. For example, you may ask, "Do both of your people wear glasses?" or, "Does either of your people have black hair?" Be very careful when eliminating gameboard faces - and remember which questions you've asked!

For example, you ask: "Does either of your people have a beard?" Your opponent answers "Yes". You cannot flip down any faces because although one Mystery Person definitely has a beard, the other one may not!

To guess the Mystery People cor­rectly, you must guess who both of them are on the same turn.

Championship Play

If you wish to play a series of games, slide the score keeper up one point for every game you win.

The first player to win five games is the Champion!

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