Rating: 4.3 Passable
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-2 players
Playing time: 20 minutes

Created by: Theo Coster, Ora Coster, Theora Design, (Uncredited), Theora Design

Published by: Chad Valley Co Ltd., Crown Games, Estrela

Alternate Names: Adivina Quien, Adivinha Quem?, Arvaa kuka, Arvaa kuka?, Bil Bakalım Kim?


The mystery face game where you flip over a collection of faces with different color hair, eye color, hair, hats, glasses etc. to deduce who the secret person is that your opponent has chosen.

You flip over the hooked tiles as you narrow your choices by asking characteristic questions.

Retail Price:$7
Årets Spil Best Children's Game Winner 1989

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  • 2 Game Trays
  • 40 Face Cards
  • 1 Deck of Mystery Cards

The Gameboard Faces

Notice the differences among the 24 faces on your gameboard.

Hair and eye colors are different; some faces have rosy cheeks, beards, mustaches, or big noses; some are wearing hats or glasses. As you play, you'll notice several other differences among the gameboard faces.

Object of the Game

Guess who is on your opponent's Mystery Card before your opponent guesses who is on yours.


  1. Insert the red Face Cards into the red tray (see Figure 2). The blue cards have already been inserted. Make sure you can see each of the faces and names. …

In a galaxy far, far away, thara was a disturbance in the force. It is up to you to help a friend, or defeat the dark side. Use the force to find out who is causing the disturbance. Keep the questions coming to uncover the mystery identity of your friend or enemy.


  • 2 Gameboard trays
  • 24 Mystery Star Wars character cards
  • 48 Star Wars facecards and frames
  • 2 Score keepers

Object of the Game

Guess your opponent's Star Wars mystery character before your opponent guesses yours. …


  • 2 Gameboard trays
  • 24 Mystery cards
  • 48 Face cards and Face frames
  • 2 Score keepers

Object of the Game

Guess your opponent's mystery Marvel character before your opponent guesses yours.


Set Up your Gameboard

Each player should choose a gameboard and place it on a flat surface. Flip all of the frames upright by tipping your gameboard away from you; then set it flat again.

Draw your Mystery Card

Shuffle the Mystery cards. Choose two cards at random, then pick one you want to play. Fit your Mystery card into the slot so your Mystery Person faces you (See Figure 4). Return the card you didn't choose to the bottom of the deck. …

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