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  • Game Unit with POP-O-MATIC Die Roller and Cover
  • 16 Pegs
  • Label Sheet
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to move all four of your colored pegs around the gameboard and into your FINISH LINE.


Remove the cover from the game unit, and set it aside.

Each player chooses a set of 4 colored pegs. Place your pegs in the matching HOME spaces on the gameboard as shown.

Note: For a two-player game, you may play with two sets of colored pegs each.

Game Play

The youngest player goes first, and play moves to the left.

On your turn, pop the POP-O-MATIC die roller by pressing down and releasing it. Then move according to the number on the die.

If you roll a

Move any one of your pegs already in the playing track clockwise that many spaces.

If you roll a

Choose one:

  • Move one of your pegs out of HOME to START, and pop again.
  • Move any one of your pegs already in the playing track clockwise six spaces, and pop again.

Note: Whenever you move a peg in the playing track, count each space as you move, whether it is occupied or not.


Moving from home to start

To move a peg from HOME to START, you must pop a 6. Remember to pop and move again each time you pop a 6.

If you already have a peg in START, you can't bring a new peg out. You've blocked yourself!

Landing on an occupied space

When you land on a space occupied by another player's peg, send that peg back to its HOME, and place your peg in that space.

You cannot land on your own pegs.

Moving into your finish line

Your peg must go around the playing track once before entering the FINISH LINE.

You don't have to enter FINISH by exact count-move your peg into the first open FINISH space closest to the POP-O-MATIC die roller.

End of the Game

Be the first player to finish your turn with all four pegs in your finish line to win!

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