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  • 1 Gameboard
  • 2 Pop-o-mat1c Dice Rollers
  • 8 Arrow Playing Pieces
  • 4 Wheel Labels
  • 4 Plastic Detour Wheels

Object of the Game

Move both your arrow playing pieces along the path through Detour Wheels and to the FINISH Spaces.


Turn all the wheels on the gameboard so they are in the position shown below.

Note: When you turn any Detour Wheel in the game, the star circles must line up with the circles on the path.

Each player takes two arrow playing pieces of the same color. Youngest player goes first and play continues clockwise to the left.

Game Play

On Your First Turn: Place one of your playing pieces on each of the START Spaces on the gameboard. Point both playing piece arrows in the direction the arrows on their START Spaces point.

Pop both dice rollers. Decide which die roll will move which playing piece. Move one of your playing pieces along the path the number of spaces one die indicates and move your other playing piece the number of spaces the other die indicates. Your turn is over.

Note: As you move along the game path, keep your arrow playing piece pointing in the direction you are traveling. You can never turn your playing piece and choose to move in another direction unless you land on the center Star Space

Other Movement Rules:

  • Always move the full count of each die.
  • You can pass any other playing pieces on the path.

On All Following Turns: Pop and move as explained in Rule 4. Several things can happen as you move along the path. Here's what you do as each situation occurs:

  • If you land by exact count on a star space:

    Turn any ONE of the four Detour Wheels in any direction. This is an important option because you can improve your chances of reaching FINISH or keep an opponent from reaching FINISH. See example below:

    Note: If you land on a Star Space with your first playing piece, turn the Detour Wheel BEFORE moving your second playing piece.

    Two More Star Space Rules:

    • If You Land On A Detour Wheel Star Space: Be sure to place your playing piece in the playing piece holder with the arrow pointing in the direction your playing piece is traveling.

    • If You Land On The Center Star Space: Turn a Detour Wheel, as above. At the start of your next turn, you can move this arrow playing piece in any direction you choose. Note: If you pass through the center star space, without landing on it, you must continue moving in the direction your arrow playing piece points.

  • If you land by exact count on your own playing piece:

    Both your playing pieces must return to the START Spaces and your turn is over.

  • If you land by exact count on another player's playing piece:

    One of the two playing pieces will be sent back to START. A POP- OFF is played to determine which playing piece is sent back.

    To Play a Pop-off

    1. Each player chooses one dice roller to pop.
    2. One player shouts "GO" and both players keep popping the dice rollers until one player pops a 6.
    3. The player who DID NOT pop the 6 loses the POP-OFF and must immediately return his or her playing piece to either one of the START Spaces.

    Pop-off Hints:

    If you are going to play a POP-OFF and have yet to move your sec- ond playing piece, remember the number on the other die before you and your opponent pop-off. (That is the number of spaces you will move your second playing piece).

    If you send an opponent back to START on your turn and the space your playing piece now occupies is a Star Space, don't forget to turn a Detour Wheel.

    Remember: The only spaces that can accommodate more than one playing piece at the same time are the START Spaces.

  • If you land by exact count on one of the finish spaces:

    Remove your playing piece from the board. If this is your second playing piece to reach FINISH, and your opponents still have playing pieces on the gameboard, you have won the game!!

    Note: If you can't land on one of the FINISH spaces by exact count, your playing piece must complete its die roll. You must continue mov- ing in the direction your arrow play- ing piece points. You'll have to try to circle around and reach the FINISH spaces again.

  • If you only have one playing piece left on the gameboard:

    Pop only one dice roller on your turn.

End of the Game

First player to remove both playing pieces from the gameboard wins.

In a 2-Player Game, players may choose to control 4 playing pieces.

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