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Trouble - Classic

Pop into the racing, chasing game where everyone's in Trouble! Set up your pegs and then hit the Pop-O-Matic die roller.

The player who gets all 4 pegs into the Finish space wins!

Pop all around the board for the win when you play Trouble!

Trouble - Olaf's Ice Adventure

In this Trouble Disney Frozen Olaf's Ice Adventure game, kids move their real ice tokens through all kinds of adventures along the gameboard.

The game comes with ice molds for making Olaf tokens.

The plastic molds look like Olaf and his belly freezes into ice. (If there's no time to wait, kids can use regular ice cubes instead. )

Trouble: Netflix Super Monsters

Join the Super Monsters in a crazy race around the schoolyard at Pitchfork Pines!

This super-fun preschool game is inspired by the original Netflix original series, Super Monsters, in which kids of the world's most famous monsters learn to master their special powers.

Whether you're looking for a child's birthday gift, or just want to introduce your kids or grandkids to a game you remember playing, the Super Monsters edition of the Trouble board game is a great choice

Trouble: Trolls World Tour

This DreamWorks Trolls World Tour edition of the Trouble game combines classic Trouble gameplay with Trolls tricks!

Players move around the gameboard as Poppy, Branch, Cooper, or Queen Barb, visiting the musical lands throughout the Trolls world.

Only DreamWorks Trolls Tiny Diamond can repel Delta Dawn, mayor of the Country Trolls! Landing on a Guitar space can be loads of fun as these can be used as shortcuts.

Trouble Star Wars Edition R2 D2

Pop the bubble to save R2-D2 in this Star Wars version of the classic Trouble game!

R2-D2 is stuck in a force field, and it's up to Luke Skywalker and C-3PO to get him free.

The Pop-O-Matic die roller makes real R2-D2 sounds while you move your pawns all over the board. Get them all to the Finish area first for the win!

Trouble Despicable Me

Whether via a game board with dice, a deck of cards, simple lines drawn on scrap paper, or electronic media, gaming is a global pastime that has enriched culture for millennia.

From the most classic tabletop board games to up-and-active, play-to-learn games for preschoolers to the painfully funny party games that satisfy your wild side, Hasbro gaming is a one-stop-shop for filling your games closet.

Trouble PCars 3

It's demolition derby time with this Disney/Pixar Cars 3 edition of the Trouble game!

Lightning McQueen has been challenged by the Crazy 8 Racers to compete in a demolition derby at Thunder Hollow Speedway. He needs a great team to help him go full throttle around the muddy track to win.

Players bump opponents back to the pits, move through speed zones, get stuck in pileups, and get help by rolling Miss Fritter and having her in their corner.

Trouble Star Wars Edition

The Trouble: Star Wars edition game combines classic Trouble fun with the thrill of the Star Wars Universe.

Give the bubble a pop and move around the board, following BB-8's journey on Jakku. When BB-8 shows up, everyone can move a pawn out of home for a fun and fast-paced game.

Marvel Avengers Trouble

In this Marvel-themed version of the family favorite Trouble game, players choose to play as Marvel's Black Widow, Hulk, Iron Man, or Thor as they try to move all 4 of their heroes safely around Captain America's shield.

If a player pops Captain America's shield on the Pop-O-Matic dice roller, Captain America gets added to the team to help protect its other heroes.

When a player lands on an opponent's space, the opponent gets sent back home. The player to get their heroes onto the finish stars first wins!

Winning Moves Classic Trouble

The classic game of Trouble as you remember it!

Be the first player to move all four of your pegs around the game board into Finish and you win!

MengTing Penguin Trouble

Pop N' Drop Penguins from Spears Games is a classic 'Pop N' Hop' board game.

The goal is to get all 4 coloured penguins home by navigating them around the 3D game board.

But watch out, if a penguin falls off one of the 4 ice bridges, you'll have to start all over again.

Fun for all the family, Pop N' Drop Penguins includes a game board with popping die, 4 ice bridges, 16 coloured penguins and a set of easy to follow rules.

Trouble Grab and Go

Uh-oh, it's time for Trouble on the go - Grab & Go!

This travel version of the classic Trouble game has the same Pop-O-Matic die roller but it's a smaller, more compact size.

Keep popping those dice and moving your pegs at every turn and you just might be able to get all your pegs across the finish line for the win!

When the game is over, just pop the pegs into their finish lines and close the cover for easy storage.

Trouble Game: Retro Series 1986 Edition

With the iconic Pop-O-Matic die roller and the classic gameboard, this retro edition of the popular Trouble game will bring back happy memories.

Players race to get their pegs around the board first, and try to send their opponents' pegs back to the Start space.

With the fun Pop-O-Matic die, players just press the bubble and the number comes up…no loose dice!

The first player to move all 4 of his or her pegs around the gameboard and into the Finish line wins. Hasbro Gaming and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

Trouble Disney Frozen 2

Disney Frozen 2 pop-up game is tons of fun for the whole family.

Just pop the die & race your pegs around the board. Be the first to bring your pieces home & win the game!

Trouble Pixar Toy Story 4

Pop the die and race your pegs around the board. Be the first to bring your pieces home

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