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  • 1 Plastic game unit with POP-O-MATIC die roller
  • Gameboard
  • 16 Plastic playing pawns
  • 4 Rubber gameboard feet
  • Label sheet

Object of the Game

Golly y'all, Mater here! Are you ready for a race? All ya gotta do is be the first to get all four of your cars around this here racetrack and into your Victory Lane.

Other doggone racers are gonna get in your way, so you gotta rev up that engine and fly on by!


  1. Select a character and put one of your cars on the Start space. Put the other three in your Starting area. (See Figure 3). If two players are racing, they should sit opposite each other, (e.g., green against red or yellow against blue).

  2. The youngest player goes first. Play then continues to the left.

Game Play

A turn consists of one pop and a (if possible).

  1. Any time a green flag is popped, everyone can move a car onto their Start space. (See Figure 3). If you already have one of your cars on your Start space you can't move a new car 'til the other one moves out of the way.

  2. If you popped a green flag, keep on popping until you get a number. Once you pop a number, move any one of your cars clockwise 'round the track. Count each space whether it is empty or full.

  • If your car lands on a space with an opponent's car on it, send that car back to its Starting area. Your car now occupies that space.

  • If another player's car is on your Start space when a green flag is popped and you want to move a new car out, the other player's car is sent back to its Starting area. Now you can move a new car onto your Start space.

  • You can't land on your own car. Move ahead to the next empty space.

Victory Lane Rules

  • When your car has made it around the track once, follow the arrow to enter your Victory Lane. Make sure it's your Victory Lane and not some- one else's!

  • Pop any number that could get you into your Victory Lane and move your car onto any open Victory Lane space.

End of the Game

Move all 4 of your cars once around the game board and into Victory Lane to win!

The game keeps on going to see who comes in second and third.

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