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Stratego variant with a WWII Naval theme. All spaces are sea spaces, except for 2 islands in the center of the board. There are 40 new pieces.

There are 2 ways to win:

  1. Destroy all of your opponent's Carriers.
  2. Have one of your Transports reach your opponents back row.

All units except mines move 1 or 2 spaces. There are no scouts.

Mines are equivalent to bombs.

High Rank destroys low rank.
For example: Battleships = 7 defeat Cruisers = 6.

Every turn in addition to your normal move you may make one Air Mission.


There are 2 types of missions: Reconnaissance & Bomber missions.

  • For a Reconnaissance mission choose an enemy unit and roll one six sided die: 1D6Result:

    1-3:Unit Identity revealed if it is not a sub or a mine.

    4-5:No sightings.

    6: Reconnaissance Plane shot down by AA guns/fighters.

  • For a Bomber mission choose an enemy unit and roll one six sided die:


    1-3: Target unit (not sub or mine) destroyed by bombs/torpedoes.

    4-5: Bomber misses.

    5-6: Bomber shot down by AA guns /fighters.

Each player has 4 Reconnaissance Planes and 4 Bombers.

If all planes of 1 type are shot down, no more missions of that type are possible.

Unit Name#RankNotes
Mines6-Same as Bombs
PT Boat43Defeats all units except mines when attacking
Mine Sweeper22Automatically defeat Mines
Destroyer85Automatically defeat Subs
Submarine4-Defeats all units except mines & destroyers

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