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Best Setups of a former World Champion Player

The first 6 setups are from Vincent Deboer (World Champion Stratego).

Famous Setup of Vincent Deboer

This is one of his most "famous" setups, which is a dubious quality for a Stratego setup. He didn't used any other setup as often on tournaments and several other players have successfully used this setup as well. It is a bit predictable, but all pieces are at hand when you need them and it works well for both attack and defense.

Another Setup of Vincent Deboer

This is another setup he has used often on tournaments. It's outspoken aggressive and not very suitable for careful slow games, but it's less predictable and works better against stronger players.

Setup of Vincent Deboer with flag in the corner

Another setup he used often. Harder It's harder to defend the flag in the corner, but otherwise works very well.

A good all-round Setup of Vincent Deboer

It's a good all-round setup.

Setup of Vincent Deboer

The flag on this position is something he often used against stronger opponents, but the rest of the pieces he usually change every time in such games.

Average Setup of Vincent Deboer

This is an old setup that he invented on his first world championships. It's rather weak defensively though, it worked well when setups of this style were still unexpected but later it got too weak.

Setups from the Accolade game

Different classic inital setups from the epic Stratego game.

Setups from Various Players

This setup comes from Philip Atzemoglou

Stratego setup from Atzemoglou

This setup from Anthony, has never failed him

This is a variation of the Shoreline Bluff.

Stratego setup from Shoreline Bluff

Scouts are placed at the front to test the opponent's defense and then in the back as reserves where they can become very useful in the endgame.

The Flag is very well protected by the Marshal on one side and by a Colonel on the other. The Bombs in the center are used to force play to the sides.

The right side is rather weak, however, that is countered by the placement of the Bombs preventing any aggressive horizontal movement.

I also have several Scouts on that side to test the strengths of my opponent's pieces, making sure my Colonel and Major are not taken by surprise. Most of my opponents bypass my Flag and are surprised to learn that it was in the first row after I defeat them.

This setup comes from Brandon Clark

Stratego setup from Brandon Clark

I send my front line out to try to get an idea of where his pieces are, then I try my best not to let him penetrate my 2nd line. I hold a lot of Miners and Scouts for later in the game. I have my Spy in a key spot so he can't get to my Flag.

The following is from Mike Rowles

Bomb Barrier
Stratego setup from Mike Rowles

The first one is an older setup when I had a one-dimensional style of play. The strategy was to hit hard on the left and hopefully his counterattack would run into the Bombs.

Stratego setup from Mike Rowles

The second setup was from a later period when I was naming setups after airplanes, hence the name B29. (I know it seems kinda silly now but I was 13 or 14 at the time).

This second one is really close to a tip from a guy named Robert on your site.

This setup comes from Johnny O'Donnell

Stratego setup from Johnny O'Donnell

This setup aims to swallow up all your opponent's Miners before the Flag can be reached. It is an aggressive players nightmare.

This setup comes from Bill East

Stratego setup from Bill East

Here is a real aggressive setup where you hope to eliminate his Miners and flood him from one side. Most of the players I play against tend to keep their Miners in the back ranks. This causes a great deal of problem for them because they have to move a great deal to reposition them to take out my Bombs.

Also, notice the back line of Scouts. As you march up on the left side you can use your Scouts to flood this side and to probe what is coming to greet you. I feel this is a great Strategy. To be successful with this setup you need to advance hard from the left!

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