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The following 13 setups are all taken from the Accolade 1990 PC program. Many people have pointed out to me most of these 13 are horrible. I agree.

Cyclone Defense

Cyclone Defense setup for Stratego

A conventional alignment, the Cyclone Defense holds Scouts in reserve, and places Miners in position for an early foray against enemy mines. The Flag is encased in a Bomb Shield, while the remaining explosives lurk in the front lines.

The Tempest Defense

The Tempest Defense setup for Stratego

Deceit is the key to the Tempest Defense. High-ranking soldiers and eager Scouts dot the front lines; the Marshal and one Colonel form a mini-strike force. One layer of Bombs and another of ranked pieces enclose your Flag.

Triple Threat

Triple Threat setup for Stratego

High-ranking units and a deployment of Scouts fill the front lines, while Miners are held in reserve. A formidable array of Bombs clots the back row, where your side's standard also dwells.

Scout's Gambit

Scout's Gambit setup for Stratego

Several Scouts share the front lines with your army's top officers. Bombs are scattered randomly through your defenses, posing a deadly challenge to reckless intruders.

On Guard!

On Guard setup for Stratego

Jagged Bomb placement is sure to cause the enemy discomfort. Potent pieces hover on the Flag's flanks. Captains and Majors in the forward ranks are poised for action.

Shoreline Bluff

Shoreline Bluff setup for Stratego

Defensive deception is displayed in forward Flag placement. A Bomb occupies each flank, while the remaining Bombs are scattered throughout the lines. Several high-ranking troops are stationed near the Flag, offering further protection. Reserve Scouts are posted to the rear.

Corner Fortress

Corner Fortress setup for Stratego

A diagonal line of Bombs and nestled Sergeants shields your Flag in once corner. Scouts deploy in the front ranks, along with a group of high officers on battle alert.

Shield Defense

Shield Defense setup for Stratego

Your Flag is wrapped in a Bomb shield in the center of your defenses. The Marshal, General and a sprinkling of Scouts occupy forward positions, while Colonels and Majors lurk just behind. A corps of Miners is in reserve.

Corner Blitz

Corner Blitz setup for Stratego

A formation of high officers prepares for the attack on lake's edge, while a cluster of Miners waits for the call. A smattering of Bombs turns your rear ranks into a most deadly destination.

Wheel of Danger

Wheel of Danger setup for Stratego

An odd combination of Scouts and Bombs populate the forward lines. A number of high officers wait in reserve, while the Flag is encapsulated in a Bomb rectangle.


Blitzkrieg setup for Stratego

Your most powerful pieces assemble in the first row; several Miners join the forward deployment. Well-dispersed Bombs are a smoking black invitation to an an opponent's recklessness.

Early Warning

Early Warning setup for Stratego

While five of six Bombs are grouped around your standard, Scouts and top officers ready for the attack. Miners are poised to one side, and Captains and Lieutenants populate the rear.

Man the Barricades

Man the Barricades setup for Stratego

Pairs of Bombs nestle in the front lines, while your Marshal guards the Flag in one corner. Woe betide the aggressive foe! High officers make up the forward alignment; Miners and Scouts bide their time in reserve until the call for duty sounds.

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