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Barrage Stratego is played identical to the normal game, on the same classic, two-player board. The one difference is each player, instead of having forty pieces, has just eight, consisting of:

Marshal of Stratego
1 Marshal
General of Stratego
1 General
Miner of Stratego
1 Miner
Scout of Stratego Scout of Stratego
2 Scouts
Spy of Stratego
1 Spy
Bomb of Stratego
1 Bomb
Flag of Stratego
1 Flag

You are allowed to put these pieces on any square of your own normal 40-square start position. Something must be used as a shield to prevent your opponent from seeing where you put your pieces.

The player who captures his/her opponent's Flag wins. As with the normal game, a player not capable of moving a piece loses the game.

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