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Rating: 6.8 Good
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 30-20 minutes

Created by: Don Eskridge, Roland MacDonald

Published by: GateOnGames, Jumbo


The head-to-head game of deployment, deduction and deception. Break the deadlock in the final days of war. Victory will hinge on the actions of a handful of men - and we women spies… Go head-to-head as you secretly select soldiers with different abilities to engage the enemy.

Each of you will have the opportunity to sabotage your opponent's missions - using careful deployment, clever deduction and surprising deception.

With every enemy soldier you identify, with every advance you rebuff, you'll tighten the noose, infiltrating further into the enemy camp and taking the Double Agent a step closer to capturing the enemy flag!

Spies & Lies is played in 3 rounds. Each round consists of 3 phases (Deploy, Intel and Mission) which will determine which player can move the Double Agent into enemy territory on the game board.

The first player to land on the enemy's flag with the Double Agent wins (or the player who is closest to doing so when the third round ends).

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