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Rating: 8.3 Very Good
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 90-120 minutes

Official Site: Webpage at Hans im Glück Verlags-GmbH Publisher

Created by: Helmut Ohley, Leonhard "Lonny" Orgler, Martin Hoffmann, Claus Stephan

Published by: 999 Games, Asterion Press, Bard Centrum Gier

Alternate Names: Rosyjskie Koleje, Русские железные дороги


In Russian Railroads, players compete in an exciting race to build the largest and most advanced railway network. In order to do so, the players appoint their workers to various important tasks.

The development of simple tracks will quickly bring the players to important places, while the modernization of their railway network will improve the efficiency of their machinery. Newer locomotives cover greater distances and factories churn out improved technology. Engineers, when used effectively, can be the extra boost that an empire needs to race past the competition.

There are many paths to victory: Who will ride into the future full steam ahead and who will be run off the rails? Whose empire will overcome the challenges ahead and emerge victorious?

Each player has their own board, with space for factories, and 3 rail tracks (to 3 different cities). On each track, use a track token to mark the progression of your rails (different colored marker for each type or rail). Some interesting twists: - The different track types must be built in a specific order (black, gray, brown, natural, white). Later tracks may never be advanced further on the track than the earlier tracks.

- On each track, as the track head advances, you cross several thresholds that provide awards: the ability to start a new color of track, victory points, bonus tiles, etc.

- Each track line can have one (two for the first rail) engine(s) associated with it; the size of the loco(_) determines how far down the track you actually score VP.

The central board has (almost) all the locations for placing workers. Each location requires 1-3 workers (of one player; played all together). Players, who start the game with 5 workers (or 6 workers, in 2-3 player games), will take turns using a location. These provide a variety of abilities, for example:

  • advance 1 or more track heads by 1-3 spaces
  • acquire an engine or factory; engines are allocated to rail lines, while factories (the reverse side of the tile) are placed on your factory line.
  • earn 2 coins
  • take 2 temporary workers
  • jump ahead in turn order
  • acquire an engineer, which has a unique power and becomes a worker-placement location only for you

Each round ends when all players have passed on placing/using workers. Then, score VP for each track and factory line. On each track line, only spaces as far down the track as the loco level will score. Each track type scores VP for every space from its track head back to where the next color of track starts. Track types built earlier (e.g. black) score less/space than later tracks (e.g., white). On each factory line the position of the purple industry marker(s) show how many VP are scored.

After 7 rounds (or 6 rounds, in 2-3 player games), the game ends; most VP wins!

Retail Price:$64
Russian Railroads: American Railroads
Russian Railroads: German Railroads
Russian Railroads: Mini-Expansion
Spiel der Spiele Hit mit Freunden Recommended 2014
Nederlandse Spellenprijs Best Expert Game Nominee 2014
Lys Passioné Winner 2014
Lys Passioné Finalist 2014
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  • 1 game board
  • 35 workers
  • 8 pawns
  • 48 tracks
  • 8 Industry markers
  • 4 player boards
  • 37 locomotives
  • 15 engineers
  • 20 Doubler tokens
  • 18 roubles (.coins)
  • 28 ? tokens and 5 ? cards
  • 4 Revaluation markers
  • 4 Kiev Medals
  • 1 Last Round marker
  • 8 point tokens
  • 10 End Bonus cards
  • 4 Turn Order cards
  • 4 Starting Bonus cards
  • 4 Scoring Overview cards
  • Rulebook


  1. Place the game board in the middle of the table. Place the 100/200 and 300/400-point tokens near space 100 of the scoring track.

  2. Lay the 5 cards face up.

  3. Shuffle the 10 End Bonus cards and remove two of them from the game without looking at them. The 8 remaining cards form a face down pile. …

Game Board - The Areas of the Board

Track Extension

Develop your railroads and score points!

The track extension actions are among the most important in the game.

Each player's personal player board depicts 3 railroads, which can be independently extended over the course of the game.

The better each of their railroads is developed, the more points each player will score at the end of each round.

Each board shows these 3 railroads:

  • the TRANS-SIBERIAN railroad
  • the ST.PETERSBURE railroad
  • the KIEv railroad

To build tracks, you will need: …

The Starting Bonus Cards

Get 1 black track advancement.

Get 1 industry advancement.

Place 1 doubler above the Trans-Siberian.

Take 1 extra rouble.

The 7 Tokens

Get 4 advancements to use with the tracks of your choice. You must use them with tracks you currently have. If you acquire new tracks while using this token, you may move these tracks immediately (even with this token).

Get 5 industry advancements.

Place your second Industry marker on space 0 of the Industry track. From now on, whenever you get an indus- try advancement, you may choose which marker to move. If you get an industry advancement of more than one space, you may split it among your two markers. Both markers may never occupy the same space. …

The Engineers

You get 2 track advancements of your choice.

You get 1 black track advancement and 1 gray track advancement.

You get 1 track advancement of your choice and immediately score 3 points.

You get 1 black track advancement and immediately score 3 points.

You get 2 industry advancements.

You get 1 track advancement of your choice and 1 black track advancement.

You get 1 gray track advancement and 1 brown track advancement.

You get 1 brown track advancement and immediately score 5 points.

You get 1 industry advancement and immediately score 3 points.

You place 1 doubler above your Trans-siberian and immediately score 3 points. …

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