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The Starting Bonus Cards

Get 1 black track advancement.

Get 1 industry advancement.

Place 1 doubler above the Trans-Siberian.

Take 1 extra rouble.

The 7 Tokens

Get 4 advancements to use with the tracks of your choice. You must use them with tracks you currently have. If you acquire new tracks while using this token, you may move these tracks immediately (even with this token).

Get 5 industry advancements.

Place your second Industry marker on space 0 of the Industry track. From now on, whenever you get an indus- try advancement, you may choose which marker to move. If you get an industry advancement of more than one space, you may split it among your two markers. Both markers may never occupy the same space.

During the scoring phases, both markers are scored. When your 2nd marker moves onto a factory, you benefit from it a second time. You may not use the space a second time.

Place 3 doublers above the Trans-Siberian.

Place your Revaluation token at the top- right corner of your player board. From now on, your brown, natural and white tracks are worth more points.

Place the Kiev Medal under space 5 of the KiEv railway. In each following scoring, if you reached space 5 with the gray track and a locomotive, you score an additional 20 points.

Choose one of the cards and apply its effect immediately. Afterward, return the card to the box, it will not be used again during this game. Then, you may look through the card pile and take the card of your choice. Keep it face down in front of you; it will allow you to score many points at the end of the game.

The 5 Face Up Cards

Perform 4 actions: place 1 doubler, get 1 industry advancement, get 1 black rail advancement. Then, do 1 of these 3 actions a second time.

Take the engineer and the rouble from this card. Place the engineer near your player board, where appropriate, and place the rouble in front of your personal supply. Both are available immediately.

Build a factory (as seen on page 10). You also get 2 industry advancements to use immediately.

Take the black worker. This gives you an extra worker for the rest of the game.

Furthermore, each time you use the black worker on an action space that grants at least 1 black rail advancement, you get an extra black rail advancement.

Take the #9 locomotive from this card and immediately place it on one of your railroads. As usual, you can replace a locomotive with this one, and any advantage acquired by placing this locomotive is applied immediately.

The End Bonus Cards

During the final scoring, score 15 points.

During the final scoring, score 10 points per completed railroad (max. 30 points).

During the final scoring, score 4 points per factory in your industry track (max. 20 points).

During the final scoring, add the numbers on your locomotives and score that many points.

During the final scoring, score 10 points per extra worker you acquired during the game. This includes both extra workers of your color and the black worker (max. 30 points).

During the final scoring, score the sum of the 3 spaces reached by your black tracks.

During the final scoring, score 7 points per token on your board (max. 28 points).

During the final scoring, score 20 points if you have 4, 5, or 6 doublers above the Trans-Siberian. If you have 7 or 8 doublers, score 30 points.

During the final scoring, this card counts as an additional engineer when determining the player with the most engineers.

During the final scoring, score 6 points per hired engineer. (The engineer from the End Bonus card, seen above, does not count for this).

Whenever you have the option of taking a card, you can either look through the pile and choose the card that you want, or immediately score 10 points.

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