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Welcome to Iceland! You decided to leave your old life behind - to "drop out", as they say. Say goodbye to big-city noise pollution, a hectic life, and the "always on" mentality.

Life as a vegetable farmer in Reykholt sounds perfectly idyllic and relaxing - at least, until you meet Enya Goransdottir.

Enya is responsible for the tourism of this quaint town, and she is your contact person in Reykholt. She is nice enough to give you some important advice right off the bat:

"Every vegetable we grow here is valuable. But the tourists are just mesmerized by our Icelandic tomatoes. That's why you will even see them used as cocktail dressing (and everywhere else).

But I have to admit that our last harvest didn't go quite as planned. We could really use some help. Care to join us?"


Story Mode is a completely new way to play Reykholt. You play as fresh arrivals in faraway Iceland, trying to make a living! You can play Story Mode with any player count.

For Story Mode, we put a special pack of cards in your Tak game box! It contains:

  • 5 scenario cards
  • 13 event cards
  • 16 service cards

The new service cards can also be used in the main game, without Story Mode. Just add them to your game and the appropriate sets, if desired.

Story Mode follows the rules of the base game, but with the following changes.


There are only two changes to the setup when you are playing in Story Mode.

Before you prepare the game round tiles (step 4), choose a scenario card. We recommend playing the scenarios in numerical order, but it is your choice. The number of game round tiles to use is listed on the chosen scenario card.

As the very last step of setup (step 9), shuffle the 13 event cards into a face-down deck. Place this event deck next to the game board.

Work Time

At the start of Work Time each round, the start player reveals the topmost event card, and the effect of that event is applied, for all players. Afterward, that event card is discarded.

End of the Game

The chosen scenario card will indicate how many rounds to play, and any additional requirements for victory.

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