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Action Spaces: General Clarifications

  • All actions are performed immediately after choosing them.

  • The arrow icon () on action spaces means that you have to discard the thing in front of the arrow in order to get or do the thing after the arrow.

  • The word "OR" on action spaces denotes exclusivity. You have to do this -OR- that, but not both. If actions are described in any other way, there is no order in which you must perform them; you can choose the order.

  • If you have to discard a greenhouse, it is returned to its pile, from where it can again be taken. If any goods still remain on a greenhouse when it is discarded, they are discarded to the supply.

  • On the game board, the action spaces are sorted into columns and rows. The 4 columns are (from left to right): Property actions, Field actions, Market actions, and Town Hall actions. This terminology is important for certain service cards. Some service cards also refer to the rows.

Service Cards: General Clarifications

  • Service cards provide you with immediate or ongoing effects. Their effects are active as soon as you take the card.

    When a card's effect actually triggers is denoted in its text. Service cards with the words "immediately and once only" are highlighted in red, and you may only take them from the display if you can use their effect at that moment. After you have used the effect, such cards have no benefit.

  • In a 3- or 4-player game, service cards can be shared. When you share a service card, choose a service card that is in front of the player to your left or to your right.

    Slide that service card between the two of you - from now on, you can use it also (and no one else can join in sharing that card). If you choose to share an "immediately and once only" card, you use its effect immediately and once only, after which it has no further benefit.

  • Cards that can be used "at any time" can be used at any point during the game, even when it is not your turn.

  • Some cards are triggered during a certain time, others when you use a certain action. Only the actions triggered by action spaces count as "via an action", but even another service card can trigger when a certain time is mentioned.

  • When multiple card effects appear to occur simultaneously, resolve them in turn order.

  • When a service card refers to a good of the "rarest type" in a greenhouse, it means the type depicted in a golden box on that greenhouse. The general order of rarity, from common to rare, is tomato > lettuce > mushroom > cauliflower > carrot.

Service Cards: Specific Clarifications

Service cards from Story Mode are highlighted in yellow.

A8 - Village Elder

If your manager shares a table with another manager at the end of Tourism Time, count the number of dishes at your current table. You may discard that many goods, in any combination, to advance by 1 table.

Example: On your table are 3 dishes, which means you may discard any 3 goods to advance by 1 table. You decide to discard 2 tomatoes and 1 lettuce to advance your manager by 1 table.

B5 - Carrot Seed

Immediately and once only, fill 1 empty You place 1 carrot in each greenhouse, even those that parcel in each of your greenhouses with normally would not be allowed to have carrots seeded. 1 carrot from the supply.

You place 1 carrot in each greenhouse, even those that normally would not be allowed to have carrots seeded.

B11 - Trainer

Immediately and once only, fill 1 empty parcel in each of your greenhouses with 1 good from the supply that can be seeded there but currently is not.

Example: In this greenhouse, mushrooms can be seeded, but currently the greenhouse only contains lettuce. So you may place 1 mushroom on an empty parcel.

B12 - Market Woman

Immediately and once only, fill 1 empty parcel in each of your greenhouses with 1 cauliflower from the supply.

You place 1 cauliflower in each greenhouse, even those that normally would not be allowed to have cauliflower seeded.

C12 - Farm Girl

At the start of Homecoming Time, you may seed at least 1 time. Do this as if your greenhouses each had 3 parcels.

This means that you can only have 3 goods on each greenhouse, but you may seed as on a greenhouse with 3 parcels (i.e., any type of goods may be seeded).

D11 - Greenhouse Estate Agent

This card has 4 parcels, divided into 2 separate sections, in which you can seed goods of any type.

Effectively, this card acts like 2 separate greenhouses that each have 2 parcels. For all other purposes, this card is not considered to be a greenhouse, however.

E1 - Full Restaurant

At the start of Harvest Time each round, if all action spaces in any row are unoccupied, you may take 1 lettuce and 1 carrot.

If there are multiple unoccupied rows, you still only take 1 lettuce and 1 carrot from the supply.

E2 - Lease of Land

Immediately and once only, give 1 of your greenhouses to your opponent, then immediately advance by 1 table.

If there are still goods in the greenhouse when you give it to your opponent, they stay in the greenhouse - in other words, you give those, too!

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