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Supply - The general supply of goods is unlimited. If the goods of a given type run out, use the goods tiles as a stand-in. (Each goods tile = 3 goods).

Stock - Your personal stock is all of the goods that you have taken or harvested. You can only pay costs with goods from your stock.

Seed - Each greenhouse is made up of several parcels. To seed, take 1 good from your stock and place it in a parcel of an empty greenhouse that you have.

The entire greenhouse must be empty, not just a single parcel. Each greenhouse indicates which vegetables are allowed to be seeded there. Once you have seeded in a greenhouse, fill all its remaining empty parcels with goods of the same type, taken from the supply.

In general, each action space specifically tells you how many times you can seed. But read carefully, because there is a special phrase in the game: "Seed at least X times".

With such an action, there is no limit to how many times you can seed, as long as you have enough goods and empty greenhouses. But you must seed the minimum number of times, otherwise you cannot choose that action.

Example: "Seed at least 2 times". You may seed 3, 4, or even more times, if you have enough goods and empty greenhouses. But you must do it at least 2 times if you want to choose this action.

Harvest - To harvest, take 1 good from 1 of your greenhouses and move it to your stock. If an action allows you to harvest multiple times, you must take the goods from different greenhouses.

You may only harvest 1 good from a greenhouse per action, unless the action specifically says otherwise. However, you may always harvest fewer times than allowed.

Take a Service Card - To take a service card, choose 1 of the cards from the open display and place it in front of you. If you take 1 of the last 3 service cards remaining in the display, you also take the topmost good from the nearby stack (tomato, lettuce, or mushroom), placing it in your stock.

Example: Only 3 service cards remain in the display. After choosing a service card and placing it in front of you, you also take the topmost good from the stack - in this case, the tomato.

Immediately Advance - To immediately advance, move your manager 1 table further along the tourism track, but without spending the goods that would normally be required.

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