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Rating: 6.6 Good
Players: 3-5 players
Playing time: 120 minutes

Created by: Stephen Avery, Tom Vasel, Cody Jones, Christopher Kirkman, Dann May, Lucas Soriano, Francisco Rico Torres

Published by: Dice Tower Games, Game Salute


The Capo is getting old and about to retire. You think. Maybe it's time for you to make your moves from behind the scenes, to put the gangsters into play that support your goals. Will you gain the most respect?

Nothing Personal is a game for 3-5 players. Players attempt to gain the most respect in five turns (five years) by amassing respect among the mafia through influence, negotiation, blackmail and bribery.

Players take turns playing influence cards to take control of gangsters and work them up the chain of power.

Each position and gangster has their own special abilities that give players the edge they need to accrue the respect they deserve - to become the Boss of Bosses.

Retail Price:$52
Nothing Personal Expansion Pack #1: Game Designers
Nothing Personal Expansion Pack #2: The Dice Tower Crew
Nothing Personal Expansion Pack #3: Movies and TV
Nothing Personal: Associates
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The Mafia business is thriving but there are whispers that the Capo appears old and tired. Time to make your move! Of the five families competing for control of the business, you know that YOUR family is the one that is best suited for leadership.

As you use every Gangster under your control to gain the most respect, others are sure to stand in your way. But it's "nothing personal", right?


  • 1 Game Board
  • 5 Player Boards
  • 80 Money Tokens
  • 125 Player Influence markers
  • 25 Neutral Influence markers
  • 50 Gangster Cards
  • 94 Influence Cards
  • 5 Wood Scoring Meepsters
  • 5 Checkmark markers
  • 8 Gold-Tone Blackmail Coins
  • 2 Silver-Tone Omerta Coins
  • 1 Gold-Tone Capo Ring
  • 3 Six-Sided Dice
  • Instructions


Place the board within easy reach of all players. Each player chooses a family and takes the corresponding Player Board. Give each player: …

The Shakedown

Players may perform a Shakedown and discard an Influence card at any point during the entire game and collect $8. The Shakedown does not take an action, and can be done before, after, or even during an action. Whacking a Gangster

Whacking a Gangster

When a Gangster is targeted to be Whacked, roll the Whack die. If a gun or Capo symbol is rolled, the hit is successful.

Discard the targeted Gangster and move him to the "Sleeping with the Fishes" space. …

Influence Card Clarifications

Another D.A. Dead: The card given to another player MUST be one of the two cards drawn.

Delivery Dupes Guards: The Gangster being broken out of Prison may be the one who was just sent there. If multiple of these cards are played simultaneously, break ties in turn order.

Fido Fight Club: The card given to another player MUST be one of the two cards drawn.

Gang Wars Go On: The Influence is moved before the Gangster is removed from the board. …

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