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The Shakedown

Players may perform a Shakedown and discard an Influence card at any point during the entire game and collect $8. The Shakedown does not take an action, and can be done before, after, or even during an action. Whacking a Gangster

Whacking a Gangster

When a Gangster is targeted to be Whacked, roll the Whack die. If a gun or Capo symbol is rolled, the hit is successful.

Discard the targeted Gangster and move him to the "Sleeping with the Fishes" space.

Also, return all Influence markers on that Gangster to the Respective players. The player who controlled the hit Gangster also loses 4 Respect, while the player doing the Whacking gains 4 Respect.

If a is rolled then the Gangster attempting to make the hit is killed instead. In this case, the player taking the Whack action loses 4 Respect.

If the blank side is rolled, the Gangster fails their attempt at Whacking, and loses 4 Respect for their controller due to extreme shame.

Example: If Tom controls Steve Averso in the Capo position and is Whacked by Bob, then Tom loses four Respect and Bob gains four Respect.

Negative Respect

If a player Whacks or "Makes a Move" on a Gangster that has zero or negative Respect, then no Respect is transferred between the players.


  • Players are encouraged to negotiate with others at all times.

  • Players can trade money, Influence cards, promises, threats, or whatever it takes.

  • Players CANNOT trade Respect, unless a card specifically allows it.

  • Players can give control of a blackmail Influence token to another player by swapping their respective Influence markers on the Blackmail token.

  • Deals are NOT binding.

Example: If Joe talks Tom into not making a move on him by promising him money next turn, he may claim next turn that he really was delirious and had changed his mind.

Of course, Tom will never trust Joe again. Later on, Tom gets ready to Whack Joe's character. Joe offers Tom $9 to not take this action. Tom agrees, takes the money, and then Whacks Joe's character anyway.

Playing with Expansions

Just when you think your family has got everything all "tied" up, in comes another group of gangsters bent on taking over...or at least filling you with holes.

For a more advanced game experience, Nothing Personal can be played with the Young Turks expansion that contains three Gangster expansion decks.

Each deck: Game Designers, Historical, and Young Turks contains 18 new Gangsters that can be integrated into the base game. Add one expansion or all three but if you do, be prepared for some chaotic mob action like you've never experienced!

Position Special Powers

Third Guy: The third guy can spend $10 to attempt to Whack a Gangster. The Second Guy cannot cancel his action.

Second Guy: The second guy may place the Negate Action token on any Gangster on the board except the Third Guy. The player controlling the Gangster receiving the Negate token may not take an action with that Gangster during the Resolve Gangsters phase.

Since the tie breaking power is tied to the Capo ring, not the position, it cannot be canceled.

Innate abilities, such as "Requires 12 Influence Tokens to be sent to Prison" are NOT canceled.

After the Gangster with the Negate token is resolved during the Resolve Gangsters phase, the Negate token is removed.

First Guy: The first guy may remove one Influence marker from any Gangster on the board.

If this Influence marker comes from a Blackmail token, the Blackmail token is removed.

A neutral Influence marker may be removed.

Bean Counter: The player controlling the Bean Counter may steal $3 from any other player. If a player has less than $3, they simply give all their money to the player controlling the Bean Counter. The Bean Counter may not steal from the bank.

Racketeer: The player controlling the Racketeer may switch one Influence marker on the board with one other Influence marker.

The two markers may be of any color, including neutral, and one or both may be on top of a Blackmail token.

This ability can switch control of Gangsters, including the Racketeer, and also may change the ownership of a Blackmail Influence token.

Enforcer: The player controlling the Enforcer may place one Influence marker on any Gangster on the board.

He may NOT place it on top of a blackmail token, and he may only place an Influence marker of HIS own color.

Counselor: The player controlling the counselor may place 3 Neutral Influence markers on the board.

The Neutral Influence markers can be put on the same Gangster, or split between two or three Gangsters. When determining control of a Gangster, if Neutral Influence markers are the majority or tied for the majority, then no player controls the Gangster.

Neutral Influence markers are also counted when determining if a Gangster is to be thrown into Prison.

Underboss: The player controlling the Underboss may draw an Influence card and add it to his hand.

Capo: The Capo has no special power, but holds the Capo Ring, which allows him to go first in turn order, and break ties. It also costs an additional $10 to attempt to Whack the Capo.

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