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MONOPOLY Gamer is not just about money. You win by earning the most points. You earn points by collecting Coins, buying Property, and beating Bosses!


  • Game board
  • 4 Character Tokens
  • 4 Character Cards
  • 4 Reminder Cards
  • 8 Boss Cards
  • 16 Title Deed Cards
  • 1 Numbered Die
  • 1 Power-up Die
  • 90 Coins
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Race around the MONOPOLY board as your favorite Nintendo characters! Earn points by collecting Coins, buying Property, and beating Bosses.

The game ends when the final Boss Fight is over. Then the player with the highest score wins!


1. Separate the Coins by value, and place them within reach of all players.

2 Put the Boss cards facedown in numerical order with Boss 1 on top. Place the pile here.

3. Place the Title Deed Cards next to their matching board spaces. If you don't have room, keep them as a stack, and choose someone to be in charge of them.

4. Each player chooses a Character . Place your chosen Character Token on GO. Place that Character's card in front of you.

5. Each player starts the game with: 5 Golden Coins (worth 1 each), 1 Five Coin (worth 5 each), 1 Reminder Card.

Game Elements


In MONOPOLY Gamer, Coins replace bills, and throughout the game players will drop or scoop up Coins as they move around the board.

Character Token Abilities

When you land on the Super Star board space, you'll activate your character's unique Super Star Ability!

Power-up Die

Roll this along with the numbered die. On your turn, you'll move AND you'll activate a Power-up Ability. Characters get a special boost when you roll certain Power-up Abilities!

Boss Fights

Every time a player passes GO, they get a shot at fighting a legendary Boss. Beat the Boss, and you'll get a special bonus!

Game Play

Earn points by collecting Coins, buying Property, and beating Bosses. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins!

Each player rolls the numbered die. The highest roller starts, and play moves to the left.

On Your Turn:

  1. Roll both dice, and do the following in any order:

    • Move your Character forward the number of spaces rolled. Collect any Coins on the spaces you pass or land on but not on the space where you start.

    • Activate the Ability on your Power-up Die. Check your Character card to see if your Character gets a boost for the Ability you rolled!

  2. At the end of your turn, if you landed on or passed GO, flip over the top Boss card to start a Boss Fight.

  3. Your turn ends! Pass the dice to your left. If you pass the dice before you remember to pick up Coins, it's too late! The Coins stay for the next person!

Property Deals

At any time on your turn, you may offer to buy, sell, or trade Property with other players. You may not sell nor trade Boss cards at any time. The points you earn from beating a Boss are yours until the end of the game!

The Board Spaces

Where did you land? Follow the rules of that board space. See THE BOARD SPACES.


Properties are set up on the board from least expensive to most expensive, starting with Acorn Plains.

Unowned Properties

When you land on a Property that no one owns, you must buy it or auction it.

Want to buy it?

Pay the price on the space, and take the Title Deed card.

Don't want to buy it or can't afford it?

The Property goes up for auction. Bidding starts with you and moves to the left. Bids start at 1 Coin and may be raised by as little as 1 Coin.

The highest bidder wins the auction, and payment goes to the Bank. If all players pass on bidding, the Property remains unowned.

Owned Properties

When you land on a Property that someone else owns, pay them the rent shown on the Property's Title Deed card.

If a player owns both Properties in a color set, pay them double rent! If the owner doesn't ask you to pay rent before the next player rolls the dice, you don't have to pay!

Warp Pipe

When you land here, advance clockwise to the next Warp Pipe, and stop there. If you pass or land on dropped Coins, pick them up!

If you pass GO, collect 2 Coins, and flip over the top Boss card at the end of your turn.

Coin Block

When you land here, roll the numbered die, and collect that many Coins from the Bank.


When you land here, drop 2 Coins on the space.

Just Visiting

When you land here, put your Character Token on the Just Visiting space.

Go to Jail

Move your Character Token to the In Jail space immediately! Do not collect 2 Coins for passing GO, and do not collect any Coins you pass or land on. Do not flip over a Boss card. Your turn is over.

While in Jail

You may not take part in Boss Fights while In Jail.

You may still collect rent, take part in auctions, and trade. Character Abilities still affect you. If you ever need to drop Coins while In Jail, drop them on the Just Visiting space.

How do I get out of Jail?

Pay 5 Coins to the Bank before you roll the dice for your turn. Then roll both dice, and take your turn as normal. Or

Roll the numbered die. If you get a 6, get out of Jail for free! Roll both dice, and take your turn as normal. If you fail to roll a 6, your turn ends. After your second attempt at rolling, you may exit Jail for free and roll both dice normally on your next turn.

When you leave Jail, you may pick up any Coins on Just Visiting.


If you land on or pass GO, collect 2 Coins from the Bank. At the end of your turn, flip over the top Boss card! See BOSS FIGHTS.

Super Star

When you land here, activate your Character's unique Super Star Ability. See below for a description of each, or see your Character card.


Roll the numbered die, and collect that many plus 5 Coins from the Bank.

Princess Peach

Collect rent from the Bank for each Property you own.


Collect all the Coins on the board

Donkey Kong

Steal 3 Coins from each player.

The Power-up Die

The Power-up Die lets you activate an Ability on your turn.

Each Character gets a special boost when that Character rolls a certain Power-up Ability. This replaces and enhances that Ability. See your Character card for details.

Make sure you activate your Power-up Ability and any special Character boosts before the next player rolls the dice, or it's too late!

When you roll a Red Shell, choose any player to drop 3 Coins on their current space. If you're Princess Peach and you roll this, that player drops 4 Coins!

When you roll a Green Shell, the next player on the board, from your position, drops 3 Coins on their current space. If two players are tied for the next player, choose one.

If you're Yoshi and you roll this, choose a player in front of OR behind you to drop 3 Coins!

When you roll a Blooper, steal 2 Coins from any player.

When you roll a POW, all other players drop 1 Coin on their current space. If you're Donkey Kong and you roll this, all other players drop 2 Coins!

When you roll Coins, collect 3 Coins from the Bank. If you're Mario and you roll this, collect 4 Coins!

Why does it matter which die I use first?

In the example below, Mario just rolled a four and a green shell. If he uses the green shell first, Donkey Kong will have to drop 3 Coins on his space. When Mario moves, he can pick up the Coins as he passes!

If Mario moves and then uses his green shell, the shell will hit Princess Peach instead, and he won't be able to pick up those Coins on this turn.

What if I run out of Coins?

Any time another player uses a Power-up Ability that causes you to drop or give Coins or when you need to pay rent, you must do so.

If you do not have enough Coins, you must sell Property you own back to the Bank for face value or to other players for an agreed-upon price. Then drop or give any Coins you still owe.

If you have no Coins and no Property to sell, do nothing. You've got it bad enough already. Hang in there!

Boss Fights

When you land on or pass GO, you trigger a Boss Fight. At the end of your turn:

  1. Flip over the top Boss card, and place it where all players can see it.

  2. If you wish to fight the Boss and can afford to pay the roll cost, do so. Most Bosses require you to pay the roll cost to the Bank but some require you to pay the Boss.

    When the card requires you to pay the Boss, place your payment on that Boss card.

    If you don't wish to fight the Boss, you may pass, and the player to your left may fight, and so on. Once you pass on fighting a Boss, you can't get back in on that fight, but you may fight other Bosses later in the game.

  3. Roll the numbered die. Did you beat the Boss?

    If your roll is equal to or higher than the required roll, you win! Immediately carry out the Bonus on the Boss card, and keep the card in front of you for Points.

    Did you lose this time?

    If your roll is less than the required roll, you lose the fight. The player to your left may fight the Boss by paying the roll cost and rolling the numbered die, or they may pass to the next player, and so on.

    Players continue taking turns fighting the Boss, paying for each roll, until someone wins or until all players decide to pass. If all players pass, the Boss gets away and is removed from the game.

End of the Game

The game ends immediately when the final Boss Fight is over. The player with the highest score wins!

To find out how much you scored, add up the points from your Property cards, Boss cards, and Coins. Every five Coins is worth 10 points. Stack your golden Coins in sets of five for easy counting.

Here's an example of how to add up your points. This player owns 3 Properties, beat 2 Bosses, and has 13 Coins.

If there's a tie, the player with the most Property and Boss cards wins!

Two or three Players

If you're playing a 3-player game, when setting up the Boss deck, include only these Boss cards: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. If you're playing a 2-player game, follow the basic game rules, but play with these changes:


Each player chooses two Characters and places Iboth of those tokens on GO. Take the Character cards for those tokens, and place them faceup in front of you with their powers showing.

Each player starts with 20 Coins.

When setting up the Boss deck, include only these Boss cards: 1, 2,3, 5,6,8.

  • On your turn, after you roll both dice, you may choose one Character to take your turn with. At the end of that Character's turn, flip its Character card facedown. Any time a Character card is facedown, you may not use that Character.

    For example, you're Mario and Donkey Kong. You use Mario on your first turn then flip his card facedown.

    You must use Donkey Kong on your second turn then flip him facedown. On your third turn, flip both Character cards faceup, and you may choose to use Donkey Kong or Mario.

  • Any Ability you activate that would affect all players affects only your opponent and only one of their Characters.

    For example, if you roll a , your opponent may choose which of their Characters must drop Coins, and your Characters drop none. If you roll a , it only hits your opponent's Character, never your own.

  • If it's your turn and one of your Characters is In Jail, you must decide whether to pay or roll to get that Character out of Jail before you roll both dice to take your turn.

Party Mode

Play as more than one Character!

In Party Mode, each player can create a team of up to three Characters, swapping Characters in and out as they play. You can get more Characters by purchasing Monopoly Gamer Power Packs.

Subject to availability. Each sold separately. Not available in all markets. Party Mode is best played with three or four players who have a big Character collection and experience playing the basic game. For a 2-Player game, see the 2-player rules.

Follow the basic game rules, but play with these changes:

  1. Each player may choose two or three Characters and take the tokens and Character cards for those Characters.

  2. Choose one of your Characters to start the game, and place that Character Token on GO. You'll only ever have one of your Characters on the board at a time, and players can never have the same Character on the board at the same time.

    For example, while both players may choose to have Mario in their party, only one player may have Mario on the board at a time. The youngest player gets to choose which Character they'll play first.

Swapping Characters

You may swap your Character on the board for one of your other Characters at any time on your turn.

You may swap only once per turn, but you may swap in a way that lets one of your Characters move and the other use its Power-up Ability.

End of the Game

In Party Mode, the game ends immediately when the final Boss Fight is over.

Count up points as described in the basic game rules.

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