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  • Gameboard
  • 6 Tokens
  • 28 Title Deed Cards
  • Iron Throne Card Holder
  • 32 Chance Cards
  • 32 Holdfasts
  • 12 Castles
  • 2 Dice
  • 95 Cardboard
  • Coins
  • Instructions


  1. Choose someone to be the Master of Coin. The Master of Coin is in charge of:

    • The Royal Treasury's money
    • Holdfasts
    • Castles
    • Title Deed cards
    • Auctions

    The Master of Coin can play too but must keep their money separate from the Royal Treasury.

  2. Master of Coin, give each player:

    5 Gold Dragons (worth 5 Each).

    5 Silver Stags ( worth 1 each).

    Total = 30 Keep the rest of the coins in the box as the Royal Treasury.

  3. Place the Iron Throne on top of the musical stand here. You can push the button to play the Game of Thrones theme song! Push the button again to stop the music.

  4. Shuffle the Chance cards, and place them in the Iron Throne.

  5. Each player chooses a token and places it on GO.

  6. Put the dice by the gameboard.

The last player to have watched an episode of Game of Thrones starts, and play moves to the left.

Object of the Game

Move around the board buying as many properties as you can. The more you own, the more rent you'll be able to collect from other players.

If you're the last player with money when all other players have gone bankrupt, you win!

Game Play

On Your Turn:

  1. Roll both dice.

  2. Move your token clockwise that number of spaces.

  3. Where did you land? Carry out the rules of that board space.

    Did you roll a double? Roll the dice again, and take another turn.

    Watch out! If you roll a double 3 times in a row, you must immediately Go To Jail! Do not complete your third turn.

  4. Your turn ends. Pass the dice to your left.

Start Playing!

That's all you need to know, so begin your journey . Look up the spaces as you land on them.

The Board Spaces


There are three types of properties: Locations, which come in color sets, Faiths, and Orders

A. Unowned Properties

When you land on an unowned Location, Faith, or Order, you must buy it or auction it.

  • Want to Buy It?

    Pay the price on the board space, and take the Title Deed card from the Royal Treasury

  • Don't Want to Buy It?

    The Master of Coin must auction it. Bidding starts at 1, and anyone can increase the bid by as little as 1. You don't need to follow turn order, and the Master of Coin ends the auction when no player is willing to increase the bid.

    The highest bidder pays the Royal Treasury. If no one wants to bid on the property, that's fine. No one pays anything, and the Title Deed stays with the Royal Treasury.

Collect Color Sets!

When you own each Location in a color set:

  • You can double the rent for those Locations!
  • You may build Holdfasts and Castles and charge even more rent!

B. Owned Properties

When you land on a property that someone else owns, the owner must ask you for rent. If they do, you must pay. If they don't ask before the next player rolls the dice, you don't have to pay!

  • Faiths

    There are four Faith spaces: The Old Gods, The Many-Faced God, The Lord of Light, and The Seven.

    Pay rent based on the number of Faiths the owner has. Faiths:


  • Locations

    Pay the rent shown on the Location's Title Deed card.

  • Orders

    There are two Order spaces: Citadel of Maesters and Castle Black.

  • Roll both dice to determine rent. If the owner has 1 Order, pay half the amount rolled. Round up if needed. If the owner has 2 Orders, pay the amount rolled.

Action Spaces


When you pass or land on the GO space, collect 2 from the Royal Treasury.

Chance Cards

Take the top card from the Iron Throne. Read the card aloud, and immediately do what it says. Return it to the pile when done.

if the card tells you you may keep it until you're ready to use it, do so. After you use it, return it to the pile.

The Dothraki Tribute and Iron Bank Tax

Pay the Royal Treasury the amount shown on the space.

Free Parking

Relax! Nothing happens.

Just Visiting

Don't worry. If youTand here, put your token in the Just Visiting section.

Go to Jail

Move your token to the In Jail space immediately! Do not collect 2 for passing GO. Your turn is then over.

You can still collect rent, bid during auctions, buy Holdfasts and Castles, mortgage, and trade while you are In Jail.

How do 1 Get Out of Jail

You have 3 options:

  1. Pay 5 at the start of your next turn; then, roll and move as normal.

  2. Use a Get Out of Jail Free card at the start of your next turn if you have one (or buy one from another player). Put the card at the bottom of the appropriate deck; then, roll and move.

  3. Roll a double on your next turn. If you do, you 're free! Use the roll to move, and that's the end of your turn.

You can use up to 3 turns to try for a double. If you don't roll a double by your third turn In Jail, pay 5, and use your last roll to move.


Building Holdfasts

As soon ns you get a color set you can start buying Holdfasts (you don't have to wait for your turn). Pay the Royal Treasury the cost on the Title Deed card, and place a Holdfast on the Location.

You must build evenly. You cannot build a second Holdfast on a Location until you've built one on each Location in the set. You can only have 4 Holdfasts on a Location.

Building Castles

Once you have 4 Holdfasts on all Locations in a color set you can pay to upgrade to a Castle.

Pay the Castle cost on the Title Deed card, return all 4 Holdfasts to the Royal Treasury, and put a Castle on the Location.

You can only have 1 Castle per Location. You can't add any more Holdfasts. You cannot build on a Location if any Location in its color set is mortgaged.

Not Enough Buildings?

if multiple players want to buy the last Holdfast or Castle, the Master of Coin must auction it. Bids start at 1 and anyone can increase the bid by as little as 1. You don't need to follow turn order. Payment goes to the Royal Treasury.

No Buildings Left?

You can't buy any until someone sells theirs bach.

Deals & Trades

You can buy, sell, or swap property with other players at any time.

You must sell all buildings in a color set to the Royal Treasury before you can sell or trade a Location. You cannot sell or trade buildings to another player.

Property can be traded for coins, other property, and/ or Get Out of Jail Free cards. The amount is decided by the players making the deal.

Mortgaged property can be traded at any agreed- upon price. The new owner may repay the mortgage ( pay the Royal Treasury the unmortgage cost) at any time.


I. Try to Raise Money

If you owe money and can't pay, try to raise money by selling buildings back to the Royal Treasury and/or mortgaging properties.

Selling Buildings

Sell Castles to the Royal Treasury for the same price, and exchange them immediately for 4 Holdfasts.

Sell Holdfasts to the Royal Treasury for half the cost price. Round up if needed. Holdfasts must be sold evenly across the color set.

Mortgaging Property

To mortgage a property, you must first sell all buildings in its color set to the Royal Treasury at half their cost price. Round up if needed.

To mortgage, turn the Title Deed card facedown, and collect the mortgage value on the back from the Royal Treasury.

To repay a mortgage, pay the unmortgage cost to the Royal Treasury, then turn the card faceup.

Rent cannot be collected on properties that are mortgaged. However, the increased rent level can be collected on the unmortgaged Locations in a color set.

The increased rent on unmortgaged Faiths and Orders may be collected in the same way.

II. if you're still in debt, you are bankrupt and out of the game

Do you owe another player?

Give them all your mortgaged properties and any Get Out of Jail Free cards.

The new owner may repay the mortgage (pay the Royal Treasury the unmortgage cost) at any time.

Do you owe the Royal Treasury?

Return all your properties to the Royal Treasury Any mortgages are canceled.

All your properties must immediately be put up for auction. Return any Get Out of Jail Free cards to the bottom of the appropriate deck.

The remaining players keep playing until there is only one person left in the game . That player is the winner!

Top Tips

  • To keep your game short and sweet, don't use house rules!

  • Always auction when someone doesn't want to buy the property they've landed on.

  • Never loan money to other players or make deals not to charge each other rent.

  • Never put coins in the center of the board; you don't get a bonus for landing on Free Parking

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