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  • Gameboard
  • 6 movers, buildings
  • 22 District cards
  • 25 Chance cards,
  • 6 Reminder cards
  • 1 Rent Dodge card
  • 2 dice
  • 1 money pack
  • 1 Trading unit

Move around the board buying districts and building a Monopoly metropolis. Each district in the middle of the board has a matching space on the track; if you land on an unowned district, buy it or put it up for auction - it's up to you!

The Basics
  • You can build on every turn.

  • Buy residential and/or industrial buildings to increase the rent value of your districts.

  • Residential buildings are cheaper, but watch out! If someone builds a hazard (a sewage plant or rubbish dump, for example) on your district, residential blocks are worth nothing! Industrial blocks cost more but are a safer investment.

  • Protect your districts by building schools, water towers and other bonus buildings.

The Extras
  • Buy two districts of the same color and treat yourself to a stadium to hike up your wages.

  • Buy all of the districts in one color group so that you can build a skyscraper and immediately double the rent value of all of those districts.

  • Buy all of the districts in two color groups, and the Monopoly Tower - which doubles the rent value of all your districts - could be yours! Enter The Exciting World Of Monopoly City!

Object of the Game

Be the richest player at the end of the game by buying districts, building on them and charging rent.


Don't put ANYTHING in the middle of the board - that's where you'll build your city!

  1. Put the gameboard in the center of the playing area, on a flat surface.

  2. Separate the Rent Dodge card from the Chance cards and put it next to the Free Parking space.

  3. Hand out a Reminder card to each player.

  4. Shuffle the Chance cards and put them in a pile, facedown next to the board.

  5. All choose a mover and put it on the GO space.

  6. Decide who will be the Banker.


You are in charge of money, District cards, buildings and auctions during the game. Before you start playing:

  • Separate the District cards into color groups and put them in the slots in the plastic tray.

  • Separate the buildings into color groups and put them to the side of the gameboard.

Give each player:

Put the remaining money in the slots in the base of the box.

Game Play

  1. Decide How Long To Play For
    • Until every player except one goes bankrupt (around 2 hours, depending on the number of players) OR

    • For a certain amount of time (i.e. one or two hours). The Trading unit tells you when an hour has passed.

  2. Turn the Trading unit on using the switch underneath.

  3. All roll the dice. The highest roller goes first and play continues clockwise.

    TIP: Roll the dice in the box lid so that you don't knock any buildings over!

  4. Take the following 3 steps on EVERY turn:

    A. Roll the dice

    and move that number of spaces around the board.

    B. Check where you've landed
    C. Build properties if you want to

    You can build on any of your districts during your turn.

  5. If you rolled a double, take another turn, roll again and then repeat steps B and C (you can build on every roll). Your turn is over. Play continues clockwise.

Game Over
  • When you've been playing for almost an hour, the Trading unit will beep more frequently. To continue on playing, switch the unit off and on again to start counting down another hour.

  • All add up your total money and property value (see page 16). The richest player is the winner!

Where Did You Land

  • An unowned district:
    • Buy it for the amount shown on the space. Pay the banker and take the matching district card, OR

    • Auction it (If you don't want to buy it, you MUST auction it).

  • A district owned by another player:

    Pay them rent depending on how many buildings are on that district (see page 14).

  • A district you own:

    Do nothing unless there is a railroad on it. If so, you can immediately move to any other district with a railroad on it and buy it or auction it (if it's unowned) or pay rent (if it belongs to another player).

  • An auction space:

    Put any unowned district up for Auction (see page 8).

  • An industry tax space:

    Pay the bank the amount shown if you own any industrial buildings. If you don't own any, do nothing.

  • A planning permission space:

    Build a hazard OR a bonus building.

  • Free Parking:

    Take the Rent Dodge card to use later.

  • A ? space

    Take a Chance card and follow the instructions on it.

  • Go to jail:

    Go to jail and do not collect money if you pass GO.

How To Auction

  • Banker, press the Auction button on the Trading unit to start the timer. Each auction lasts up to 50 seconds.

  • The player who decided to auction starts the bidding at any value from M1 Ok upwards.

  • Any player can call out an offer at any time, including the player that decided to auction the district.

  • When you hear a sound and the red light flashes faster, you have 5 seconds to close the auction!

  • Whoever has the highest bid when the red light goes off wins the district and pays that price to the banker.

How To Build

  • Press the Build button on the Trading Unit.

  • What number's showing when it stops?

    That's the maximum number of blocks you can build on this turn, e.g. 3 means you can build up to 3 blocks. If the unit stops at you can build a railroad but no properties.

  • Build residential buildings, industrial buildings or a combination.

    Buy them from the bank at the price shown on your District card(s).

  • Build properties on ANY districts that you own. You can build on more than one district in the same turn.

    You can press the Build button once per turn.


Build up to 8 blocks on each district to increase its rent value.

They can be residential buildings, industrial buildings or a combination of both.

To build, press the build button on the Trading unit to find out whether you can buy 1,2, or 3 blocks, or build a railroad.

A. Residential Buildings (grey)

  • Residential buildings are cheaper to buy than industrial buildings.

  • If another player builds a hazard in your district, residential blocks in that district become worthless and do not count towards its rent value.

B. Industrial Buildings (light Blue)

  • Industrial buildings are more expensive to buy than residential buildings.

  • Industrial buildings are safe from hazards. If another player builds a hazard in your district, all industrial buildings in that district still count towards the rent value.

C. Railroads

On your turn, if this icon flashes when you press the Build button, build a railroad on any district for free!

Put railroads on the outer track of the board, not in the center.

Use railroads to pass GO and collect wages, to get to a part of the board where you hope to buy, and to avoid nasty high-rent areas!

  • When you land on a district with a railroad on it, on that turn you can jump to any other district which has a railroad.

  • You must land on a railroad during your turn to be able to use it. If you start your turn on a district with a railroad, roll and move as normal.

  • If you use a railroad on a district that's owned by another player, you must pay the rent before you leave!

Tip: If a district becomes crowded, swap the 1 and 2-block buildings for 3-block towers to make space.


Stadiums do not count towards the 8-block building limit per district.

Cost: M2m.

Buy a stadium to increase your income; there are only two in the game, so you'll have to be quick!

  • Once you own two districts of the same color, you can build a stadium on either one of them during your turn.

  • Collect M1m per stadium you own every time you pass GO (in addition to your wages).

  • You can only build one stadium in each color group.

  • Stadiums do not increase your rent value.


And The Monopoly Tower

Skyscrapers and the Monopoly Tower do not count towards the 8-block building limit per district.


Build a skyscraper to double the rent value of all the districts in a color group.

The cost of a skyscraper is shown at the bottom of each District card.

The Monopoly Tower


  • Once you own all of the districts in one color group, you can build a skyscraper on any one of them.

  • You can build one skyscraper per color group.

  • A skyscraper immediately doubles the rent value of all districts in its color group.

Once you own all of the districts in two color groups, you can buy the MONOPOLY Tower and build it on any district in those groups.

This doubles the rent value of every district you own!

Planning Permission

Hazards and bonus buildings are free and do not count towards the 8-block maximum per district.

When you land on a PLANNING PERMISSION space, you must:

  • Build a bonus building in a district that you own OR

  • Build a hazard in another player's district (to make their residential buildings worthless) OR

  • Build a bonus building or hazard in an unowned district (if you are planning to buy it or want to block another player's plans!).

Important: Bonus Buildings Prevent Hazards From Being Built On A District, And Hazards Prevent Bonus Buildings From Being Built!

For example, if you have built a school on your district, another player could not later build a power station there, and vice versa.

Bonus Buildings

Protect Your Districts

Put bonus buildings on your districts to prevent other players from building hazards on them.


  • If another player builds a hazard in one of your districts, all of the residential buildings in that district become worthless and do not count towards the rent value of that district Leave them on the board.

  • You can remove hazards from your districts by paying M500k per block to the bank during your turn.

Example: To remove a prison (4 blocks) from your district, pay M2m (4 x M500k) to the bank and return the prison to the banker. You can now charge rent for the residential buildings on that district again.

How Do I Charge Rent

When another player lands on one of your districts, check the following to work out how much they owe you:


Count the industrial blocks only.

Is there a skyscraper on any district in that color group OR the MONOPOLY Tower on any district you own?

(If you have a skyscraper AND the MONOPOLY Tower, you cannot double the rent twice).

(If you have a skyscraper AND the MONOPOLY Tower, you cannot double the rent twice).

If the paying player cannot afford the rent, they must mortgage a district or do a deal with you to raise the money.

Rent Example:

You own Central Quay, Old Town and Harbor Heights. Another player lands on Central Quay. There are:

  • 2 residential blocks, which don't count because the hazard (power station) makes them worthless. Value = MO.

  • 4 industrial blocks. Value = M3.5m.

  • 1 skyscraper on Harbor Heights, which is in the same color group, so double the rent. Value = 2xM3.5m = M7m.

Total Rent Value: M7m.


Make deals with each other to raise funds or get the districts you need!
  • When you want to make a deal, press the Auction button to start the timer. You must come to an agreement before the time runs out!

  • If you swap/sell a district during a deal, any buildings already there must stay there.


If you can't afford to pay rent, you can mortgage one or more districts that you own to raise some money.

To Mortgage a District

The mortgage value is the same as the district's current rent value. Turn the District card facedown in front of you and collect that amount from the banker. All buildings stay there.

You can't collect rent for mortgaged districts.

To buy back a mortgaged district later in the game

Turn the District card over and pay the rent value to the banker, i.e. the amount you received when you mortgaged it.

You can start charging rent on the district and building on it again right away.


If you owe more money than you can raise from your assets, you are declared bankrupt and are out of the game.

Owing the banker

Return your District cards to the banker who will auction off each property to the highest bidder. Return any "Get out of jail free" cards to the bottom of the relevant pile.

Owing another player

The other player receives any money left, your District cards and any "Get out of jail free" cards you own.

Free Parking

There is no penalty for landing here. You can still collect rent and build on sites while you're on FREE PARKING.

Rent Dodge Card

The Rent Dodge card entitles you to one rent-free turn!

  • When you land on FREE PARKING, collect the Rent Dodge card from beside the board.

  • Use this card on a later turn when you don't want to pay rent

  • Once you've used the card, put it back next to the FREE PARKING space.

  • If another player lands on FREE PARKING before you've used the card, you've missed your chance to use it and must give it to them. Bad luck!


Go to Jail if:
  • You land on the "Go to jail" space.
  • You pick a Chance card which tells you to "Go directly to jail".
  • You roll a double three times in a row on your turn.

Your turn ends when you are sent to jail. Move onto the jail space and do not collect any money if you pass GO.

While in jail you can collect rent and build properties on districts, as long as they are not mortgaged.

Get out of jail by:
  • Paying a M500k fine and continuing on your next turn.
  • Using a "Get out of jail free" card.
  • Rolling a double.

If you haven't rolled a double after three turns, pay the banker M500k and then move according to what you rolled.

How to win

When the game is over, add up how much you're worth following these steps:

  1. Count your cash.

  2. Work out the rent value of all the districts you own and add them together.

    The rent value is the amount another player would pay you if they landed on that space. (See page 13).

  3. Add your cash total to your district total. This is your final amount.

  4. The richest player wins!

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