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  • 1 Gameboard
  • 16 Party card
  • 16 Chance cards
  • 32 Present tokens
  • 1 Party Box
  • 70 M1 Notes
  • 4 Cupcake movers
  • 1 Die
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the player with the most money and parties when the first player goes bankrupt.


  1. Open the gameboard and put it in the center of the table.

  2. Place the party cards on the board using the Kids' party card challenge (below).

  3. Shuffle the Chance cards and place them face-down on the Chance space in the center of the board.

  4. Put together the Party Box (see back page for assembly) and place it on its space in the center of the board.

  5. Deal cash:

  6. Each choose a Cupcake mover and place it on GO.

  7. Each take eight presents that match the color of your Cupcake and keep them in front of you.

  8. Choose one player to be Banker (adults are good for this). It's up to the Banker to look after all the money that goes in and out of the Bank.

  9. Who goes first? Take turns to roll the die. If you roll highest, you go first (or if you won the party card challenge, you go first). Play then continues left.

Kid's Party Card Challenge

Do this challenge to decide who goes first!

  • Put the .party cards on the spaces they match as fast as you can! If more than one player wants to take part, split the cards equally between you.

  • The fastest matcher goes first! (If you're the only matcher, you go first if you get them all right!)

Game Play

  1. Roll the die and move your Cupcake mover that number of spaces clockwise from GO. If you roll this, take the top Chance card, read it out and follow the instructions.

  2. Where did you land? See 'The Spaces' section below for what to do on that space. Once you've followed the instructions for that space, it's the next player's turn.

  3. Party on! Keep taking turns to roll and move around the board until someone goes bankrupt (runs out of money).

  4. Bankrupt? If you don't have enough money to pay in full, you're bankrupt - you don't pay any of the money you owe and the game ends immediately.

  5. Win! When someone's bankrupt, the game ends. Count your money. Add M1 for each party you own. If you have the most money, you win!

The Spaces

Party with no present: When you land on a party that no-one else owns, you must buy it.

  • Take the party card from the space, pay the Bank the price written on it and keep the card in front of you.

  • Put one of your presents on the colored band at the top of the space so everyone knows it's your party.

Party with present: When you land on a party with another player's present on it, you're a guest at their party.

Pay them the price on the space as a gift. If you land on a party that has your present, do nothing, enjoy your party!


Every time you pass GO, collect M2 from the Bank.


Take the top Chance card, read it out and follow the instructions. If you have to pay money, put it in the Party Box. Return the used card to the bottom of the pile.

Party Box:

Congratulations! When you land on a Party Box space you get to open the box in the center of the board and keep any money that's inside.

Close it up and put it back on the board when you're done.

Just Visiting:

You're not in Jail - you're just visiting!

Free Parking:

Do nothing. Take a break from partying!

Go to Jail!

Move your Cupcake mover to the Jail space. Do NOT collect M2 if you pass GO. On your next turn, pay M1 to the Bank, then roll and move as usual.

Used All your Presents

If you run out of presents you cannot buy any more parties unless you give up one of your other parties first.

Pay the Bank for your new party, return the party card you're giving up to its space and move your present to your new party.

You do not get money back for the party you're giving up - it's the price you pay for being such a party animal!

End of the Game

As soon as the first player goes bankrupt, the game ends. The player with the most money at that moment is the winner.

Rules for Older Players

To try a slightly more challenging game, add these extra rules to your game...

  1. Party Pairs.

    If you own two parties of the same color, charge double when anyone lands on either of them.

  2. Swap!

    Trade parties with other players for cash if you're bankrupt. Swap parties with other players to make pairs and charge double! When you trade party cards, make sure you swap presents too.

  3. Win!

    When the game ends, count up your money. Now add the individual values of each party you own to your score. If you have the most money, you win!

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