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Let's take a look at a Unit in more detail:

  • The number in the upper- left corner you know already - it is the amount of Influence you have to pay to recruit it.

  • In the upper-right corner, there is the level of the Unit. This is important when healing a Unit, and also determines the total value of your army at the end of the game.

  • The icon or icons under the cost tell you where this Unit can be recruited.

  • Then, there is the card art.

  • The number on the armor icon is the Armor value of the Unit (see Combat).

  • The textbox shows the abilities of the Unit. Read the horizontal line as "or" - so Peasants either help you in combat, when persuading other locals, or in your travels. Each of these options has an icon showing when you can use them.

Note: Abilities marked as give you mana or crystals and are considered special effects, so you can play them at any point during your turn.

Activating a Unit

You can activate a Unit to use one of its abilities.

To activate a Unit, announce which ability you want to use, then take its Command token and put it on the Unit card. This works the same as if you were playing a card from hand with that effect. After you activate a Unit, it is spent, and it can't be activated again until it is Readied. Keep it in your unit area, with its command token on it.

The diagram to the right shows another way to play Move 6 - the player chose to activate his Peasants to provide Move 2.

Spent and Ready Units

You are a Hero, and you can march and fight for several Days and Nights, without a break. But this does not apply to your Units.

Each Unit can be activated only once per Round. After you activate a Unit, it is spent, and it can't be activated again until it is Readied. Let's quickly summarize Units:

  • If a Unit has its Command token above the card, it is Ready. You can activate it to use one of its abilities. You put the Command token on it, and it becomes spent.

  • If a Unit has its Command token on it, it is spent. It cannot be activated. At the start of the next Round (not turn), the Command token is moved above it again, so it is now Ready.

    Some advanced cards allow you to refresh a Unit and make it Ready immediately, without waiting for the end of the Round. This cannot be done during combat to allow a Unit to act twice in the same fight.

A spent Unit can still be disbanded if you recruit a new Unit in its place. The new Unit will be Ready when you take control of it, regardless of whether the previous Unit was spent or not.

Advanced Units

If there is a mana symbol in front of a Unit ability, it means that ability requires a mana of that color to activate, just like the stronger effects on Action cards.

Some Units have a gray, red or blue pentagonal icon above its Armor icon. That means they have physical, fire or ice resistance (see Combat).

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