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Greatest Of The Elf-lords

Like all great Elven soldiers, Norowas spent centuries mastering the combat arts of both spell and sword.

Prior to The Breaking, Norowas had bartered his influence with the Elvish Free Armies to consolidate a position on the High Elven Council, an organization dedicated to bringing their own brand of order to the realm by any means necessary.

Norowas embraces these philosophies wholeheartedly and is not above utilizing destructive tactics to achieve his goals.

His recent contact with the Council of the Void has steeled his determination that now is the time and the Council of the Void has the means for him to venture forth and bring an end to the chaos he sees throughout the land, without mercy or hesitation.


The Blood Cultist

While the origins of The Breaking are shrouded in mystery, it is spoken in hushed whispers and knowing glances that it may have been the Blood Cultists who were responsible for the cataclysm and resulting chaos that ensued.

Evidence exists that the Cultists were finally successful in their ancient quest to awaken the dark god Amara who repaid his followers by unleashing his might upon the land.

Believed to be the strongest of the known Mage Knights, Arythea has emerged from the chaos more powerful than ever and she has gone forth spreading Amara's bloody gospel as she crushes her foes under her spiked heel. Under her leadership, the Blood Cultists have slipped

the bonds of their former masters in the Dark Crusade and have become a power unto themselves; feared by many and respected by all.

No one knows where Arythea will strike next but one thing is certain, the bloody god Amara has directed her to participate in the Council of the Void's plans and will be pleased with her conquests and the proliferation of his teachings.

Tovak Wyrmstalker

Head Of The Order Of The Ninth Circle

The strongest presence left within the Order of the Ninth Circle, Tovak Wyrmstalker is less a leader of this new faction and more a force of nature to be respected and followed.

Originally the Order of the Ninth Circle sold their swords in service to other factions, but under the strong hand of Tovak Wyrmstalker they have become a force unto themselves. The more established factions in the Land are certainly beginning to take notice of the Order's actions.

The Mage Spawn that comprise the Order of the Ninth Circle are held together loosely by their common disdain for the self-proclaimed superiority that the other factions profess, and Tovak Wyrmstalker seeks nothing less than the total defeat of the other factions and their lofty aspirations of supremacy.

After the sudden demise of the two previous heads of the Order, Tovak Wyrmstalker has embraced his new role as shepherd to the Order's cause and will not rest until all Mage Spawn are free to determine their own paths. That the Council of the Void's current plans are to conquer lands that oppress his people is all the better.


Mightiest Of The Draconum

From the day they are hatched until the day they are killed, Draconum seek only two things: combat and evolution.

As they wander the land, Draconum look for worthy opponents strong enough to challenge their brutally honed martial abilities with only one goal in mind: personal augmentation. Draconum have never been closely tied to any one faction and since The Breaking they are even more likely to distrust others, even their own kind.

After undergoing the "Surge", the most powerful of Draconum evolutions, Goldyx has arisen as the mightiest of his kind. He seeks personal wealth and power and The Council of the Void has promised

both beyond anything he had previously dreamed of. That his own brethren may get in his way in his current assignment only makes him more interested in the riches that lie ahead and the foes that are worthy of his attentions.

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