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Level ups are not handled immediately; you do so after you announce the end of your turn, but before you draw new cards. This way another player can play while you are resolving your Level up. If you gain multiple levels during a single turn, you resolve them all now, one at a time.

There are two types of Level ups - check the symbol on the left of the row to which your Shield token advanced to see which type you should resolve.

Advanced Cards Offer

When the first player gains a level, reveal three cards from the Advanced Actions deck and display them in a column as the Advanced Action offer.

Note: In subsequent games, this offer is revealed at the start of the game, but during the first game, it is better to do it this way, so players do not need to examine three more cards they do not know how to gain yet.

Skill Level Ups

The second row on the Fame track has this symbol. It means that you get one Skill token and one Advanced Action card when advancing to level 2.

The first player to advance to level 2 reveals two Skill tokens from the top of his Skill pile. He should check his Skill description card to see what they do.

Then, he chooses one of these Skill tokens and puts it in front of him, the other one going to the Common skill offer. Starting with the next turn, he may use it.

Additionally, the player chooses one of the three cards in the Advanced Action offer. He puts it on top of his Deed deck, and then replenishes the offer with a new card. The cards in the offer are shifted down and the new one is always added to the top.

When another player reaches level 2, they resolve their Level up in exactly the same way. However, they now have the option to choose a Skill token from the Common Skill offer (the first player to Level up did not have this option because the Common Skill offer was empty).

Learning From Other Players

After a player reveals his two Skill tokens, he may refuse them both and instead take one Skill token from the Common Skills offer, i.e. one that another player did not choose and put there when leveling up. If he does, he puts the chosen Skill token in front of him and puts both of the tokens he refused into the Common Skill offer. He may not choose a Skill of his own that he previously chose not to take.

Additionally, he takes one Advanced Action card. However, he cannot choose freely from the offer this time; he can only take the one that is in the lowest position in the Advanced Action offer.

Command Level Ups

If you advance to a level marked with this symbol, you have no choices to make - you just remove the top tile from your Level pile, flip it over and place it as a new Command token in your Unit area. This way, your Command limit increases (you have a new Command token at your disposal) and either your Armor or Hand limit increases (there are new values on your visible Level token).

Using Skills

Skills are very powerful, as they increase your options each turn, and you don't have to draw them in your hand to use. Choose the Skills that complement your cards, Units, and overall strategy well.

There are three types of Skills:

  • If there is a flipping arrow on a Skill token, it means this Skill can only be used once each Round. Once you use it, you flip it face down. It cannot be used again until the start of the next Round (when you will flip it back up so that you can use it again). Note that some Skills (such as those that let you draw extra cards) may be used during another player's turn.

    Note: with the Motivation skill, you do not have to wait until your next turn to use it. You may use it on another player's turn, so you can prepare for your turn in advance. You cannot however use it after your last turn in a Round.

  • These are interactive Skills that when used, last until the beginning of your next turn, and also affect other players.

    When you want to use a Skill like this, put it in the center of the table, announce the ability, and describe the effect to the other players. At the start of your next turn, take it back and flip it face down - it cannot be used again this Round.

  • If neither of the above icons is on a Skill token, it can be used once each turn. Put them in your Play area after you use them to mark them as used, stacking them with the appropriate cards or Units (you can for example stack a Skill providing Move points with other Move cards, or a Skill that changes the color of a mana with the mana it is changing, etc).

Please note that no Skill can be used more than once each turn.

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