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  • 54 hardwood blocks
  • plastic storage box

Object of the Game

Remove one block at a time from the tower, and then stack it on top of the tower to create a new layer.

The last player to stack a block without making the tower fall wins the game.


Jenga Xtreme is different every time you play! The angled blocks allow you to create a unique tower at the start of each new game…and it gets more Xtreme as you play.

There is no right or wrong way to build the tower, as long as each block in the layer nests with the one next to it. You can begin the game as conservative…or as Xtreme as you dare! See Figure 1 for some examples of ways to stack the tower.

Start by emptying the blocks onto a flat surface. Place layers of three wooden blocks, alternating the direction of each layer, in order to build the tower.

Be sure that the three blocks of any given layer nest with each other as shown in Figure 2.

Continue building the tower, layer by layer, until all blocks have been placed.

Note: The colour of the blocks has no impact on how you build the tower.

For Xtreme play, DO NOT straighten the tower. The challenge of Jenga Xtreme is NOT to begin with a perfectly vertical tower!

Game Play

The youngest player goes first. Play then passes to the left.

On your turn:

Carefully remove a block from anywhere BELOW the highest completed layer. Use only one hand! Then stack the block on the top of the tower in the opposite direction of the blocks just below it.

Be aware that Jenga Xtreme's unique angled blocks cause the tower to lean - first in one direction, then another, allowing you to change the direction and balance of the tower as play continues.

Removing And Stacking Blocks

  • Remove and stack one block per turn. Remember, when you place a block next to another on a layer, they must nest together.

  • Use only one hand at a time! You can switch hands whenever you like.

  • As play proceeds and the weight and angle of the tower shift some blocks will become looser than others making them easier to remove. You can touch the other blocks to find a loose one, but if you move a block out of place (using one hand only) you must fix it before touching another block.

  • When stacking, you must complete a 3-block layer before starting another one.

  • Your turn ends after you stack your block.

  • Keep removing and stacking blocks until someone topples the tower. A real Jenga Xtreme pro can build a tower 30 stories high, or more!

  • The player who makes the tower fall gets to set up the blocks for the next game.

End of the Game

If you're the last player to stack a block without toppling the tower, you win!


For some really Xtreme gameplay, try this special rule. When a player removes a colored block (black, green or natural), the next player cannot remove a block of the same color! Do you dare take the Xtreme challenge?

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