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After pulling out a block, choose someone else to answer the questio

1. Solo Play

Play alone for practice! Can you top your record height before the tower falls?

  • Carefully remove one block from any level. Use a steady hand to stack It on top.

  • Continue to remove and stack blocks to build the tower taller... and shakier.

  • How tall is too tall? Find out when the tower falls!

2. Jenga Chips


  • A set of Jenga.
  • A set of poker ships.

Game Play

All normal rules apply with the following additions: Everyone starts with a chip.

When it is a player's turn, he must do one of the following:

  1. Passes and place one chip in the center as the bonus.

  2. Pays the bank one dollar, draws a block and places it on the top. Two things could happen:

    1. The tower stays: collects 2 chips from the bank and takes the accumulated bonus.

    2. The tower falls: collects no chips and pay the last player to place a chip half his chips (round up). If he is the last player then the chips are placed in the bonus instead.

    The next round begins with any remaining bonus. The player next to the one who tumbles the tower goes first.


The first player to acquire an agreed amount of chips wins.

Alternately, the game ends when an agreed number of rounds have been played and the player with the most chips wins.

3. Teams of Two

Divide group into teams of two group members each. If there is an odd number of group members and I am needed to make even teams I play along with the group.

When I play, I try to let the group member I am paired with take the lead and get the most from their time in the game. If you are playing along, make sure you follow them like everyone else-call yourself on any rule violations and any penalties.

I prefer the team mates to be across the room from each other rather than sitting next to each other.

"No Talking" - Optional / Additional Rule

Team members are not allowed to verbally communicate once they leave their seat (until they return to their seat). This forces them to be more creative in their game play using non-verbal communication.

If a team member speaks, in any way, that team must move a penalty piece after they move their original piece. If they speak more than once they need to move a piece for each time they speak.

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