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41 Jenga Tetris blocks

Build The Tower

All players set up the tower together by stacking the blocks. Don't worry if there are gaps, In Jenga TETRIS, gaps are okay!

Try to alternate the direction of the blocks by level. Your levels could look like this:

Now you're ready to play.

Game Play

  1. On your turn, remove a block from anywhere in the tower below the highest level. You may touch the blocks to find a loose one. Use only one hand.

    Place the block on the highest level of the tower.

    If you can't place the block successfully, you may start a new level. Or you may place the block one level down.

    Important: If you complete a level so it's solid, with no gaps, you earn the right to choose the next player (in multiplayer games).

  2. Wait a few seconds after you place the block.

    • If the tower stands, the next player takes a turn.
    • If the tower crashes, you are out. The remaining players rebuild the tower and play continues.

End of the Game

Be the last player left in the game!

Additional Rules

  • It you are playing solo, compete against yourself by trying to beat your highest tower.

  • It's possible that a second block might come out when you pull your chosen block. Simply place both blocks at the top of the tower.

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