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Jenga Boom Game includes:

  • a base with built in detonator
  • 36 wooden Jenga blocks
  • instruction sheet


If playing the game without any modifications, the detonator/timer can be startling to individual(s) that do not not like loud noises and/or have a heart condition.

If playing on the floor, ensure area is clean and free of debris and/or objects that could injure individual(s).

If playing while standing, ensure area is free of trip hazard(s). Depending on activity level of individual(s) playing, a circular table or table with rounded edges may be best.


Before initiating play, Leader should familiarize his or her self with the game, contents located in game box, how to set up the game, and how game is played sequentially.

Once familiar with the game, contents, and game setup, Leader should next locate an area with adequate space for movement during play, as well as, a smooth and flat surface to set up the game for play.

Once ready to begin play, the Leader should gather the game box with its contents and the player(s) and proceed to the intended area where play should occur.

Leader should remove the contents from the box and place upon a flat surface.

Leader should set up the Jenga "tower" for play. The Leader may also want to engage the player(s) by asking for assistance with setup:

  1. Pull orange color string on detonator all the way out.

  2. Press orange tab located on the base. (Platform should rise ~1 inch higher).

  3. Stack all blocks on top of the platform.

    • Blocks should be arranged three to each layer
    • Each layer should alternate in different directions

Before beginning play, the Leader should briefly explain how to play the game (button to press to start timer, what to do after block is removed, what happens when timer expires, etc)., as well as, designate whom will begin game if there is more than one person playing.

Game Play

To begin play, the player(s) will perform the following tasks:

  1. Depress the Orange tab with an arrow symbol on it. (A ticking sound will be heard).

  2. Once ticking begins, the player should attempt to remove a block that is below the highest completed level (one with all three blocks in place) using only one hand before the detonator goes off.

  3. The player is able to poke blocks to see which is loose, but must use only hand to do so.

  4. The player removes the block of his/her choosing and places that block on top of the tower in an alternating direction from the level below it.

  5. Once the block is placed on top, the player presses the Orange tab with a square symbol on it.

If steps 1 through 5 are completed without the tower crashing (either from the player's actions or expiration of the timer), it is now the other player's turn or Player #1's turn again and the 5 steps should be repeated.

If any of the 5 steps are not completed and the tower falls, the game can be restarted.


A. Ways To Simplify Demands

  • Play game without the detonator activated or use a silent timer to time. (The ticking noise may be distracting and could make concentration more difficult).

  • Additional verbal or visual cues could be provided to assist player(s) in remembering tasks to be executed while it is their turn or to assess strategy for block removal.

  • Do not use base of Jenga Boom during game play and setup game blocks on top of flat surface (similar to traditional Jenga). This could assist player(s) with motor control, coordination, and other movement functions.

  • Blocks could be sanded with fine grade sand paper to enable blocks to slide out easier.

  • Larger blocks could be used in place of the game blocks and placed on top of a table to assist player(s) with grasping.

  • Allow players to use both hands if necessary to remove blocks.

  • Set up blocks in a way that make them easier to fall. For example, do not use base and arrange blocks in rows of 4, 6, or 9 (if using all 36 blocks). Leader could also remove blocks to arrange differently (e.g. use 35 total blocks and arrange in 7 rows of 5 or vice versa).

B. Ways To Make More Complex

  • Instead of a detonator timer that is provided, use a cooking timer or cellphone timer and challenge player(s) to remove a block in a shorter "x" amount of time without knocking over tower.

  • Challenge player(s) by specifying which blocks should be removed. For example, only outside or only center. Blocks could also be numbered before setup and then arranged on the tower in random order. Player(s) could then be asked to remove the blocks in numerical order (descending or ascending).

  • Challenge player(s) by designating a particular way to grasp blocks during game play.

  • Challenge player(s) by specifying that non-dominant hand be used to remove blocks from tower.

  • Player(s) that are physically able could balance on foot opposite of hand that is being used remove block during their turn.

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