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  • 20 Playing Dice
  • Common Die
  • 4 Dice Risers
  • Bubble Hub
  • 4 Score Guides
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the player with the highest score over 10,000.

What makes Farkle Frenzy Different

You only need 400 points to get on the score sheet. You only roll five Dice...your sixth Die is a Common Die used by everyone.

All players roll at the same time instead of taking turns! Because everyone rolls together, the game ends when the first player reaches 10,000 points or more. There's no one last chance to catch up!


  • Set the Bubble Hub in the center of the playing area.

  • Each player takes a Dice Riser and connects it to the Bubble Hub. This will be your play area and where each player sets Dice as they score.

  • Each player takes a set of five Dice of the same color, and a Score Guide to set in front of you.

  • Choose one player to be the scorekeeper. You will need paper and a pencil.

Game Play

The owner of the game rolls the Common Die first by pushing down the bubble on the Bubble Hub. The Die will "roll" as the bubble bounces back up - that's what you will use as your sixth Die. The Common Die is only rolled once, at the beginning of each round

Each player then rolls their set of five Dice at the same time.

fter each roll, put Dice that are worth points onto your Riser and roll the remaining Dice. You must add at least one Die to your Riser after each roll and keep a running total of points for that turn. Remember, the Common Die acts as one of your Dice when adding up your score.

The Farkle

  • If you cannot add any Dice to your Riser after a roll, that's a Farkle. You lose your running total of points for that round and are done rolling until the next round.

  • As long as you do not Farkle, you may choose to continue rolling to accumulate points until the round ends, or you may choose to stop at any point and keep your points for that round.

To get on the score sheet, you must first have 400 points or more. Once you are on the score sheet, no minimum score is required.

Once scores are entered onto the score sheet, they are safe. You cannot lose any points accumulated from previous rounds.

A round ends when all players decide to stop rolling or all players Farkle, or until at least one player fills their Riser with all five of their Dice.

When a player fills all five steps on their Riser with scoring Dice, all other players must stop rolling and keep the points they have accumulated up until that point (unless they have Farkled).

The player who has filled their Riser may choose to take all five Dice and continue rolling for more points, or they may stop and bank their points. The round ends when that player stops or Farkles.

If two players fill their Risers at the same time, both are allowed to continue rolling.

Note: if a player is able to reroll all five Dice and add more to their Riser, the Common Die can be counted again (but not rolled again).

However, if a Wild is the Common Die and a player is able to reroll all five Dice, the Wild must remain the number designated in the beginning. For example, if it started as a 4 in the beginning of a round, it must remain a 4 until the round has ended.

The Common Die

  • The white Die in the bubble is the Common Die. This special Die features two 5s, two 1s, one 2X and one Wild side. The Common Die is always used by all players as their sixth Die.

  • If the Common Die shows a 1 or 5, it can be used in scoring as if it is a Die from your roll. For example, if you roll two 5s in a single roll and the Common Die is a 5, you can use it as your third 5 to score 500 points.

  • If the Common Die shows a 2X, that doubles any score you accumulate for the round. For example, if your lineup shows 300 points at the end of a round, you double that 300 points to get 600 points for that round.

  • If the Common Die shows a Wild, the player who "rolled" the Common Die that turn chooses what number (1-6) the Die represents. The player chooses after the first Dice roll of the round.

For example, if the player who "rolled" the Wild rolls two 6s, one 4 and one 3, that player may want to declare the Wild Die to be a 6 so they have a third 6 for a score of 600 points.

Then all players must consider the Common Die a 6 for their scoring. Once declared, the Wild remains the same throughout the round.


  • Only single 1s and 5s are worth points.

  • Other numbers count only if you get three or more of the same number in a single roll.

  • Other combinations of numbers are worth points if you get them in a single roll. Note: Dice from multiple rolls cannot be added together. For example, if you set aside one 5 (50 points) on your first roll and two 5s (100 points) on your second roll, you have 150 points. You cannot add them together to make three 5s (500 points).

  • At least one scoring Die must be set aside after every roll.

End of the Game

The first player to reach 10,000 points or more is the Farkle Frenzy champion. ..until the next game is played!

Note: if two players surpass the 10,000-point mark at the same time, the player with the highest score is the winner.

If it is a tie, play one more round to determine the winner.

Sample Roll

Common Die:

  • Your First Roll (5 Dice):

    You put the three 4s (400 points) on your Riser. That, plus the Common Die, gives you a total of 450 points. You can stop rolling now and bank your points, or continue rolling and risk a Farkle.

  • Second Roll (2 Remaining Dice):

    You add the 1 (100 points) to your Riser, bringing your running total to 550. You can now stop rolling to avoid a Farkle and mark 550 on the score sheet, or roll the single Die if you're feeling lucky and think you'll get a 1 or 5.

  • Third Roll: (1 Remaining Die):

    5 (50 points), bringing your running total to 600. Now, you can roll all five Dice again. Your chance of getting a Farkle with five Dice is slim, but it could happen! At this point, you are the first to fill your Riser and all other players must stop rolling.

  • Fourth Roll (All 5 Dice):

    You add the three 3s (300) to your Riser. That, plus counting the Common Die again, gives you another 350 points for a running total of 950 points. You decide to stop so you don't risk your 950 points by getting a Farkle. Your running total of 950 is added to the score sheet.

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