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  • 110 Scoring Combinations on 55 Cards
  • 6 Burgundy Dice
  • 6 Ivory Dice
  • 2 Shaker Cups
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first person to score 10,000 points or more by matching Dice you roll to the Dice pictured on the Cards.

What makes farkle around different

  • You don't have to remember scoring combinations and point values! It's all on the Card in play, you just have to rush like mad to roll the Dice and match it up!

  • Players are racing, one at a time, to win the points each round. You have to roll the Dice shown on the Card. If not, you Farkle and have to pass the Dice, hoping they get back around to you before someone matches that last Die!


  • Shuffle the Cards and place them face down on the table.

  • Put the Burgundy Dice in one Shaker Cup, and the Ivory Dice in the other.

  • The youngest player starts with the Ivory Dice and the oldest starts with the Burgundy Dice.

  • Choose one player to be the scorekeeper. You will need paper and a pencil.

Game Play

Take one Card from the top of the deck, flip it over, and place it so all players can see and reach it.

The players with the Dice begin to roll them quickly, and if any Dice rolled match any Dice pictured on the Card, place them over their matching image. Match as many as you can.

Note: You must match the color. When you are rolling burgundy, you can only match to the burgundy, and vice versa.

Continue rolling Dice until you Farkle and can no longer match any of your current color to that same color side of the Card, then pass your Dice to the player on your left! Now the player with the Dice rolls and tries matching.

The Dice may get passed around and around, your only goal is to be the player who puts on that last Die to complete one side (one color) of the Card. If you do, you earn those points!

Note: even if you began the game rolling the Burgundy Dice, you may end up winning by rolling the last Ivory Die. No one is assigned a color, you just want to be the one to put the last Die down of either color!

  • If ever you pass the Dice to a player who has the other set, skip over them to the next player on the left.

  • Once a player fills one side of the card and wins the points, the scorekeeper records them on their sheet of paper, and the Card goes to the bottom of the deck.

  • If it happens that two players finish both sides of the Card at the same time (a tie), both players win the points.

  • Flip over a new Card and the players with the Dice (whoever had them at the end of the previous round) start rolling!

End of the Game

The first player to reach 10,000 points or more is the winner!

Team Play

If you have an even number of players, you may play in teams. Divide into a Burgundy team and an Ivory team.

In this case, each team is assigned a color and you only pass the Dice to teammates when you Farkle, trying to fill your side of the Card before the other team!

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