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Rating: 6.7 Good
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 90 minutes

Created by: Wolfgang Kramer, Horst-Rainer Rösner, Mike Doyle (I)

Published by: Pro Ludo, Quined White Goblin Games, Ystari Games

Alternate Names: El Capitan, エル・カピタン


El Capitán, a game that is based upon Tycoon but with many improvements and upgrades.

The game is now playable with 2-5 players (instead of 2-4); it has 11 new groundbreaking rules, and on top of it all, expansions and a whole new exciting look!

All together we have now the following changes/improvements for the basic game:

  • new grouping of the cities on the game board
  • new payout table for distribution
  • 3 new Distribution Cards
  • new rules for the forts
  • start money is 20 florins instead of 15
  • place up 4 multi travel cards instead of 2
  • new rule for the loan cards (not allowed in the first round)
  • new start player after a payday (a special start player figure is added)
  • building up to 12 (instead of only 9) warehouses in a city
  • limitation of warehouses in series (limited to 3 now)
  • a rule for the first warehouse in a city

Also included is the first expansion "Portuguese Powers" with some extra city boards and strategy!!

There are now special rules for 2 or 3 players (extra renovation fields) and a special rule for 2 players (payday and additional warehouses).

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Golden Geek Best Board Game Artwork/Presentation Nominee 2008

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You are a reputable merchant in the 15th century sailing to strategically important cities of the Mediterranean, building warehouses in these cities and fortresses to protect them. It is your ambition to become the most mighty and successful merchant of all.

But you will succeed only if you manage to establish your warehouses in as many cities as possible and if you build your warehouses and fortresses in the most flourishing cities.

The player owning the most money at the end of the game is the most renowned merchant and winner of the game. …

The Game Board

The game board shows the table of a captain of a medieval merchant ship. Nine cities of the Mediterranean are depicted.

The top row of each city is composed of two harbor spaces and two building sites for fortresses. The number shown in each harbor space is the cost for building a warehouse in this city.

The number shown in each fortress space is the cost for building a fortress in this city. The other spaces (in a U-shaped track) surrounding the picture of the city are the building sites for the warehouses - except the last space on the right. The number shown in each of these building sites is the income of the players on each payday for their warehouses. …

El Capitan - Expansion Rules

If you have played El Capitan a couple of times using the standard game board you may want to try it adding the extra city tiles. It is recommended to use only one of the three additional city tiles when you start playing with these.

Experienced El Capitan players however may use two or even all three additional cities, when playing with four or five players.

Additional Components
  • 3 special city tiles (Porto, Lisboa, Islas Canarias)

  • 1 black pirate ship (only used in combination with Islas Canarias) …

The basic rules remain unchanged, but are augmented with the following rules:

Both players are building warehouses of two colors.

Each player selects her main player color and a second "neutral" color. They still have one ship each in their main color only.

On each payday only the player holding the first rank for majority will be paid money. When checking for majority, neutral houses are counted as well, but no money is paid for them.

For largest number of warehouses in a city, money for first rank of majority is paid only if the largest number of warehouses is of the main color of the player. …

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