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As soon as you find an Item or Omen, you have access to the actions on your Family card other than ATTACK. Items, Omens, and tiles will grant you additional actions. You can take the actions granted by Items or Omens only while you are carrying them and they are unused, and can take the actions granted by tiles only while you are on those tiles. Most haunts will also give you actions you will use to win the game.

Actions available are listed in ALL CAPS, followed by any restrictions (such as where or when), any rolls you must make, any bonuses or restrictions to those rolls, then the effect of the action.

You may use each action word only once on your turn. For example, if you are carrying a Gun and an Axe that both have the action word ATTACK, you would have to choose which one to ATTACK with on your turn.

Once you use an action on a card, it becomes used and is turned sideways. You cannot voluntarily do anything else with that card this turn, such as DROP or GIVE it.

For example, a haunt might give the following action:

  • Prepare: (while on the Entrance Hall): Make a Sanity roll. Add 1 to your result if you are carrying at least one Sacred item.

  • 2+: Leave this place and never return. Live a happy, normal life. It's that easy.

  • 0-1: Explore the dark and dangerous domicile. Like the unfortunate protagonist in a horror novel.

Some common actions are: attack, challenge, drink, drop, eat, give, invoke, operate, pick up, prepare, search, study, take, talk, and wear.

Item/omen Card Actions

As listed on your Family card, you can use the following actions on all Item and Omen cards you are carrying. As usual, you can use each action only once per turn.


Give as many unused Items and Omens as you want to another player on the same tile. They receive the cards used.


Place as many unused Items and Omens as you want on your tile. Take an Item Pile token and place it on that tile. Set aside the cards you dropped, face up. Place the Item Pile token with the same number on them.

If other Items/Omens are DROPPED on the same tile, place them under the same Item Pile token rather than start a new pile. If a tile with an Item Pile token on it gets buried, all the cards on it also get buried.

Sometimes a player will be instructed to DROP Items or Omens. In that case they do so even if it's not their turn or they already DROPPED Items or Omens that turn.


Take any number of unused Items and Omens from other players on the same tile (with their permission). You receive the cards used.

Pick Up

When on a tile with an Item Pile token, take as many of the Item or Omen cards under the matching numbered Item Pile token as you like. You receive them used.

This means that you would use a PREPARE action, that you must be on the Entrance Hall tile, and that you must make a Sanity roll. Having a Sacred item helps. What happens depends on the result of your roll.


After the haunt starts, players (and most monsters) get access to the ATTACK action. You cannot ATTACK before the haunt, even if you really, really want to. You do not need an Item or Omen to attack; bare hands and feral panic are good enough to make an unarmed attack.

To make a unarmed ATTACK: Choose a target on your tile. Roll a number of dice equal to your Might. If you are able to reroll any dice, do so now. After your roll is final, your target then rolls dice equal to their Might. Whoever's result is lower takes physical damage equal to the difference between the two rolls. (For example, if you roll a 6 and your opponent gets a 3, you would deal 3 physical damage). If there's a tie, no one wins, and no one gets hurt.

The person who rolls higher is said to succeed in combat. If it is a tie, no one succeeded.

Monsters are not killed when you defeat them, only stunned, unless a haunt specifies otherwise. You can attack a stunned monster (maybe to STEAL an Item from it or to kill it with a special Item). Stunned monsters still roll dice to defend, but an attacking hero who loses an attack against a stunned monster takes no damage.

Other Attacks

Items and Omens marked as Weapons (and some haunts) give alternative ATTACK actions instead of making an unarmed attack.

This attack may use a trait other than Might. If so, the attacker and defender make a roll using the same trait. Might and Speed attacks deal physical damage. Knowledge and Sanity attacks deal mental damage.

You can't use a trait to attack an opponent who doesn't have that trait. For instance, if a monster doesn't have Sanity, you can't make a Sanity attack against it. You might not know if a monster has a trait until you try to attack it.

If this happens, the traitor will tell you. In this case, you still used your ATTACK action for the turn, just really poorly.

Line Of Sight

Line of sight is a path that leads through an uninterrupted straight line of doorways in the same region. There is no line of sight between regions. Players can make line of sight attacks if an effect or Weapon says so. If your target is on a different tile than yours, you take no damage if you lose the combat.

Combat Example

You have a Might of 4 and attack a Werewolf on your tile. You roll 4 dice and get a result of 5. The traitor rolls an 8 for the Werewolf. You take 3 physical damage and choose to lower your Might 2 spaces (from 4 to 3) and your Speed 1 space (from 4 to 3), sliding the clips on your Family card as shown.


If you ATTACK someone on your tile and you would deal 2 or more damage, you may forgo dealing damage (or stunning a monster) to STEAL your choice of one Item, Omen, or Object from them instead. You receive it used. Stealing counts as a successful attack and still uses up your ATTACK action for the turn.

Some Items or Omens cannot be stolen. They will say as much on the card or in the haunt.

Monsters cannot STEAL or be STOLEN from unless the haunt says otherwise.

Some effects will allow you to STEAL without using an ATTACK.

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