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1. Destiny Deck Location: Two cards of each Skill Card type are placed here to form the Destiny Deck. Two cards from this deck are added to every skill check.

2. Damaged Viper Box: When a viper is damaged, it is placed here.

3. Viper and Raptor Reserves: All vipers and raptors that have not been launched, damaged, or destroyed are placed here. This space is often referred to as simply the "Reserves".

4. Resource Dials: These dials keep track of the fleet's dwindling resources.

5. Colonial One Locations: These locations may be moved to and activated by human players. Players must discard a Skill Card to move between Colonial One and Galactica.

6. Cylon Locations: When a Cylon player is revealed, his character token is moved to, and then among, these locations. Other players may never move to or activate these locations.

7. Jump Preparation Track: The fleet marker is placed on this track, and marks how close the fleet is to jumping.

8. Boarding Party Track: Centurion markers are placed on this track. If a centurion marker reaches the end of this track, then the humans lose the game.

9. Space Areas: Basestars, civilian, and plastic ships are placed in these six areas, each separated by thick blue lines. The concentric circles in space areas have no game effect.

10. Galactica Location: These locations may be moved to and activated by the human players. Players must discard a Skill Card to move between Galactica and Colonial One.

11. Hazard Locations: These two locations have ongoing negative effects. Players may never voluntarily move to these locations.

12. Viper Launch Icons: These icons represent the space areas in which vipers may be launched. Note that there are no launch icons on the other side of Galactica because, thematically, the starboard hangar deck was a museum and later housed refugees.

13. Skill Deck Regions: These colored regions mark where the appropriate Skill decks should be placed.

Setup Diagram

  1. Loyalty Deck
  2. Destination Deck and Kobol Objective
  3. President Title Card and Starting Quorum Card
  4. Centurion, Damage, Civilian Ship, and Basestar Tokens
  5. Quorum Deck
  6. Destiny Deck
  7. Plastic Human Ships in the "Reserves"
  8. Resource Dials (set to starting positions)
  9. Plastic Cylon Ships
  10. Character Tokens (on setup locations)
  11. Admiral Title Card and Nuke Tokens
  12. Super Crisis Deck
  13. Crisis Deck
  14. Skill Decks (separated by type)
  15. Current Player Token
  16. A Player's Piloting Token
  17. A Player's Character Sheet
  18. A Player's Starting Hand of Skill Cards (note that the starting player does not have a starting hand)
  19. A Player's Loyalty Card

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