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Aeon's End has adjustable difficulty. Play the nemesis mat as written to play in normal mode. To adjust the difficulty, follow the rules below:


  • Each player starts the game with 12 life (2 more).

  • Gravehold starts with 35 life (5 more).

  • The nemesis starts with 10 less life.


Use the Increased Difficulty rules shown on the nemesis mat. These rules may affect Setup, Unleash, or Additional Rules section of that nemesis.


  • Use the Increased Difficulty rules.

  • Also, each player starts the game with 8 life (2 less).

  • Gravehold starts with 25 life (5 less).

  • The nemesis starts with 10 more life.

Solo Play

You can play solo as multiple separate mages where you control all of those mages. If you choose to play like this, just follow the rules as normal for the player count related to the number of mages you chose to play.

To play a true solo experience, consult the chart for constructing the nemesis deck.

Create the turn order deck to contain 3 player turn order cards and 2 nemesis turn order cards. When any of the player turn order cards are drawn, the solo player takes a turn.

In solo play, you are your own ally. For example, if a card gives a charge to an ally, you instead gain that charge yourself. Otherwise, play the game as normal.

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