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Choose 3 gems, 2 relics, and 4 spells. Place each card of the same name in its own separate pile, in the middle of the table.

Gems are the primary source of gaining aether (). Spending aether () is how you gain new cards, focus and open breaches, and gain charges.

There are seven gem cards in each gem supply pile.

Relics have a wide variety of effects and are resolved as soon as they are played.

There are five relic cards in each relic supply pile.

Spells are the primary source of damage to the nemesis and its minions. They must be prepped to a breach on one turn in order to be cast on a later turn.

There are five spell cards in each spell supply pile.

Suggested Starting Supplies

Below are some suggested starting supplies for learning the game.

Suggested Supply: "deck Destruction"

Genu: Jade, Searing Ruby, Burning Opal /Relied: Flexing Dagger, Bottled Vortex /Spells: Amplify Vision, Essence Theft, Planar Insight, Consuming Void

Suggested Supply: "free Charges!"

Genu: Jade, V'riswood Amber, Diamond Cluster /Relied: Unstable Prism, Mage's Talisman /Spells: Spectral Echo, Ignite, Feral Lightning, Wild lire Whip

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